Thursday, January 20, 2022

Album: The Best of the Seekers (The Seekers)

I'm not going to call these "album reviews" because I don't want to do stars. I just want to listen to my records and write a little thing or two about them at The Heath Post, and so calling them "reviews" would be both inaccurate and a disservice to what Matthew has done about 900 times at the HP.

I read on Wikipedia that this album came out in November 1968, upon the Seekers' breakup. But I'm a little confused by some of what I read, and I'm not finding my cover matched to the Wikipedia entry. I imagine that has something to do with being a U.S. release by Capitol Records of an Australian album, but then the liner notes make no mention of the breakup. So I don't know exactly.

Doesn't really matter, anyway, to the key point I want to make here, which is that the Seekers were huge.

And they broke up pretty much at the zenith of their hugeness, when the woman lead announced to the guys in the band that she was ready to go do solo stuff, which reminded me of the 10,000 Maniacs.


  1. OH, MY GOSH, AUSTRALIA DAY IS NEXT WEEK! It's going to be very exciting to dial back into this Wednesday to see who won for 2022. Here are the finalists.

  2. Wait! According to this story, Australian of the Year is going to be announced Jan. 25 (Tuesday) in Canberra, which is 15 hours ahead of me in Madisonville.

    Well, there's a lot to figure out here. Will advise.

  3. Maybe we need to do a Wikipedia page for Kentuckian of the Year.

  4. Here are the Australians of the Year I've heard about:

    1967: The Seekers
    1971: Evonne Goolagong
    1973: Patrick White (Haven't read any of his books)
    1978: Alan Bond
    1985: Paul Hogan
    1998: Cathy Freeman
    2012: Geoffrey Rush

  5. Australia's population, and its economy, are slightly larger than Florida's. I would love to see a list of Floridians of the Year.

  6. Me, too. My guess is that my favorite winners would be for 1970 (Don Shula), 1971 (Larry Csonka), 1972 ("No-Name Defense"), 1973 (Don Shula), 1977 (Bob Griese), 1982 (Don Shula), 1984 (Dan Marino), 1993 (Don Shula) and 2005 (Dan Marino).

    1. Here are a few other Kentuckians of the Year:

      1970: Dan Issel
      1971: Jim McDaniels
      1972: Denny Crum
      1973: Hunter Thompson
      1974: Muhammad Ali
      1975: Joe B. Hall
      1978: Jack Givens
      1979: Robert Penn Warren
      1980: Darrell Griffith
      1984: Mitch McConnell
      1985: Naomi Judd
      1986: Pervis Ellison
      1991: Rick Pitino
      1992: John Pelphrey
      1993: Jamal Mashburn
      1996: Tony Delk
      1998: Tubby Smith
      2000: George Clooney
      2001: Tom Jurich
      2005: Rick Pitino

  7. 1976: Wendell Ford
    1987: Wallace Wilkinson