Wednesday, November 3, 2021

The World Series: Game Six

It wasn't close at all.  Atlanta jumped out to an early 3-0 lead on a home run by Jorge Soler, Max Fried and the Braves' bullpen dominated the Astros' bats, and Atlanta rolled to a 7-0 victory to clinch its first World Series title since 1995.  For a franchise that has suffered so much frustration over the last two decades, it all ended up being pretty easy in the end.


  1. It was not the best World Series, and it's always a little oblong when you're more rooting against one team than rooting for the other. But, whatever, I was glad that the Braves won, and probably the most interesting thing for me was to see just how excited some of my friends got--people from Georgia and Tennessee, especially, but also some Kentuckians who might've ended up in the larger Cardinals and Reds camps if cable and TBS hadn't come along. I wasn't paying so much attention to sports or stuff like this in 1995, so I was a little surprised this year to learn how fervent some of the Braves fans are. Good for them!

  2. My mother was pulling hard for the Braves. I agree with you that the Braves' fan base is really underrated -- they always turn out in big numbers, usually wearing Chipper Jones jerseys, whenever the Braves visit Natstown.