Thursday, October 21, 2021

MLB Playoffs, Day Thirteen

There's not too much to say about last night's games.  In the last day game of the year at Fenway Park, the Astros crushed the Red Sox 9-1.  (Here in the D.C. area, by the way, folks would say that they "boat-raced" the Red Sox.  I have no idea where that term comes from or why it indicates that one team crushed another.)  And then, in the nightcap, the Braves bounced back from their heartbreaking loss on Tuesday by burying the Dodgers 9-2.  The Dodgers seem to be running out of pitching -- they gave up two runs in Game One, five runs in Game Two, five runs in Game Three, and nine runs in Game Four.  That's not a good trend.

Anyway, tonight the Dodgers play what may be their last home game of the year, while Boston and Houston are on their way to Minute Maid Park, where they will play Game Six tomorrow.

Tonight's game:
7:08 P.M. Central:  Atlanta at Los Angeles (Atlanta leads 3-1).

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  1. Come on, Red Sox.

    And well done, Dodgers. If I was an Atlanta fan, that moment when the guy got thrown out trying to steal with Freddie Freeman at the plate and the Dodgers ahead by only one ... oh, man, if I was an Atlanta fan, I would hate the nightmare going through my head about that moment.