Wednesday, September 22, 2021

AP NFL Poll and Survivor Pool

It's time to catch up on the AP's NFL Poll.  Here is the top 10:

1.  Tampa Bay:  2-0
2.  Los Angeles:  2-0
3.  Kansas City:  1-1
4.  Arizona:  2-0
5.  Oakland:  2-0
6.  Baltimore:  1-1
7.  Buffalo:  1-1
8.  San Francisco:  2-0
9.  Cleveland:  1-1
10.  Carolina:  2-0

This week, the Game of the Week features a rare 1 v. 2 matchup, with the Buccaneers heading west to take on the Rams at 3:25 Central on Sunday.  That should be a cracker.  That's also the only top-10 matchup that we have.

Here's what we've done in Survivor Pool so far:

Week One:  Los Angeles 34 - 14 Chicago
Week Two:  Cleveland 31 - 21 Houston (I survived both weeks)

This week, I'm going with the Broncos at home against the Jets.  I don't think the Jets will win their first game of the year at Mile High -- or whatever Denver's stadium is now called.


  1. You're very good at this. That looks far and away to be the most predictable Week 3 outcome.

    I'd be pleasantly surprised to see the WFT win at Buffalo.

    1. I will be pleasantly surprised if Taylor Heinicke makes it through the Buffalo game without being injured.

  2. Big opportunity for Jacoby Brissett at Las Vegas at 3:05 Central Sunday in terms of his standing in my personal Dolphins history ...

  3. All-time Dophins starting quarterbacks by winning percentage (no minimum of starts):

    1. John Stofa 100 percent in two games
    1a. George Mira 100 percent in one
    3. Earl Morrall 91.7 percent
    4. Damon Huard 83.3 percent
    5. Don Strock 70 percent
    6. David Woodley 68.8 percent
    7. Tua Tagovailoa 66.7 percent
    8. Bob Griese 61.9 percent
    9. Dan Marino 61.3 percent
    10. Jay Fieder 61.0 percent
    11. Chad Pennington 60 percent (20)
    11a. Gus Frerotte 60 percent (15)
    11b. Brian Griese 60 percent (five)
    14. Steve DeBerg 50 percent
    15. Ryan Tannehill 47.7 percent
    16. Matt Moore 47.1 percent
    17. Joey Harrington 45.5 percent
    18. Ryan Fitzpatrick 45.0 percent
    19. Jay Cutler 42.9 percent (14)
    19a. Scott Mitchell 42.9 percent (seven)
    21. Chad Henne 41.9 percent
    22. Brock Osweiler 40.0 percent
    23. A.J. Feeley 37.5 percent
    24. Ray Lucas 33.3 percent (six)
    T24a. Craig Erikson 33.3 percent (three)
    T24a. Kyle Mackey 33.3 percent (three) (“Kyle Mackey?”)
    26. Geogge Wilson 28.6 percent
    27. Daunte Culpepper 25.0 percent
    28. Cleo Lemon 12.5 percent
    29. Rick Norton 9.1 percent
    30a. Tyler Thigpen 0.0 percent (one)
    T30b. Bernie Kosar 0.0 percent (two)
    T30b. Sage Rosenfels 0.0 percent (two)
    30d. Josh Rosen 0.0 percent (three)
    T30e. John Beck 0.0 percent (four)
    T30e. Dick Wood 0.0 percent (four)
    30g. Trent Green 0.0 percent (five)

    1. The Football Team had high hopes for Ryan Fitzpatrick.

    2. Gus Frerotte started 93 NFL games, and finished with a record of 45-47-1.

    3. Bernie Kosar started 108 NFL games, and finished with a record of 53-54-1.

    4. Ryan Tannehill has started 116 NFL games; his record is 61-55.

    5. I'll bet Don Strock thinks the Dolphins would've won about six Super Bowls had Don Shula started him at the end of Griese's career, throughout Woodley's and at the start of Marino's. If I were Don Strock, that's what I would believe.

  4. My favorite Dolphins quarterbacks are Bo. Griese, then Marino, then Woodley, then Fiedler and then (with a bullet) Tagovailoa. But I have a special place in my heart for Morrall, Huard, Moore, Strock, Br. Griese and some of the other reserves who thrived at a moment of crisis for our boys. Of course, Morrall (undefeated in NFL72) is the entire league's gold standard here, but I also especially appreciate Huard for his 4-1 turn in Marino's stead in NFL99.

    This is the opportunity awaiting Brissett, and I am hopeful the 28-year-old from West Palm Beach, Florida, this week is seizing it.

  5. (Ah, yes ... Kyle Mackey was the Dolphins' replacement quarterback in NFL87.)

  6. I'm really happy that the Thursday night game features the Texans and the Panthers. Makes it very easy to ignore. If it were up to me, every Thursday night game would involve the Texans, the Panthers, the Titans, or the Jaguars.

  7. I almost took the Bills over the Football Team, and now I really wish I had. The Bills lead 14-0 after one quarter.

  8. And now you see why I didn't take the Bills. After falling behind 21-0 on the road, the never-say-die Football Team has cut Buffalo's lead to 21-14.

  9. I should have gone with the Bills, who are up 36-14 on the FT. I will be livid if the Broncos lose to the Jets.

  10. The FT went into this season thinking that it had a good defense. But it does not.

  11. Bills win 43-21. Ravens win 19-17 after Justin Tucker makes the longest field goal in NFL history to win the game at the buzzer.


  13. Denver defeats the Jets 26-0, and I have survived for another week.

  14. Every Dolphins season has a personal low point for me, and I hope this is it.

    1. But I was happy about the golfers and UK, and I was glad WKU gave IU a good go, and it was great that the A's swept the Astros.