Monday, August 30, 2021

Kentucky AP High School Football Polls

Here are the latest polls from the AP:

Class 6A:
1.  Lou. Male:  2-0
2.  Lou. St. Xavier:  2-0
3.  Lou. Trinity:  0-2
4.  Lou. Manual:  2-0
5.  Lex. Bryan Station:  1-1
6.  N. Hardin:  1-1
7.  Lou. Ballard:  1-1
8.  Daviess Co:  2-0
9.  Henderson Co:  1-0
T10.  Lou. Fern Creek:  2-0
T10.  Ryle:  1-1

Class 5A:
1.  Lex. Douglass:  2-0
2.  Ft. Thomas Highlands:  2-0
3.  S. Warren:  1-1
4.  Owensboro:  1-1
5.  Cov. Catholic:  1-1
6.  Bowling Green:  1-1
7.  Southwestern:  2-0
8.  Pulaski Co:  1-1
9.  Scott Co.  1-1
10.  Woodford Co:  2-0

Class 4A:
1.  Franklin Co:  2-0
2.  Johnson Cent:  1-0
3.  Boyle Co:  1-1
4.  Corbin:  2-0
5.  Lex. Catholic:  2-0
6.  Lou. Central:  0-2
7.  John Hardin:  2-1
8.  Logan Co:  2-0
9.  Letcher Co. Cent:  3-0
10.  Knox Cent:  1-1

Class 3A:
1.  Christian Academy (Louisville):  2-0
2.  Bardstown:  2-0
3.  Russell:  2-0
4.  Ashland Blazer:  1-1
5.  Mercer Co:  1-1
6.  Taylor Co:  2-0
7.  Belfry:  0-2
8.  Elizabethtown:  1-1
9.  Union Co:  2-0
10.  Paducah Tilghman:  1-1

Class 2A:
1.  Lex. Christian:  2-0
2.  Beechwood:  2-0
3.  Mayfield:  2-0
4.  Murray:  1-0
5.  Danville:  2-0
6.  Middlesboro:  2-0
7.  Somerset:  1-1
8.  Hancock Co:  2-0
T9.  Owensboro Catholic:  0-2
T9.  Metcalfe Co:  2-0

Class A:
1.  Pikeville:  2-0
2.  Kentucky County Day:  2-0
3.  Raceland:  1-1
T4.  Newport Cent. Catholic:  1-1
T4.  Holy Cross:  2-0
6.  Paintsville:  0-2
7.  Crittenden Co:  1-0
8.  Hazard:  1-1
9.  Sayre:  2-0
10.  Williamsburg:  1-1


  1. Kentucky desk plans live coverage from 1-0 Crittenden County at 0-2 Madisonville-North Hopkins, 7 p.m. Friday.

  2. North won, 33-20. Crittenden was down a couple of scores in the first half and came back with a couple of quick scores, and then it was 20 down in the fourth quarter, stopped the Maroons on a fourth down, got within 13 a really quick score and had the back with about five minutes to play. It felt a little dicey for the home team at that point, but that's as far as the comeback came.

  3. The flutes and the other Marching Maroons did not perform during last night's game--too many kids still quarantined and too much rehearsal time missed. But that didn't stop the band boosters. We still rocked.

  4. One team of hustling boosters hawked barbecue sandwiches, nachos, Ring Pops, etc. from the cinder-block concession stand behind the home stands, to the tune of more than $2,200 in cold, hard cash toward uniform, instrument and trailer-tractor procurement/maintenance.

  5. I, a rookie, joined the stadium-cleanup grunt work. One's got to start somewhere.

  6. The job was simple:

    -- Put on these plastic gloves
    -- Here's your trash bag, son
    -- Up and down the aluminum bleachers
    -- Anything that shouldn't be there, get it out of there

  7. It was just a gorgeous night in Madisonville. No one, in fact, could remember a football home opener like it. Part of that, of course, was that the Maroons played their first two games on the road. But, still, 76 degrees and seemingly zero humidity at kickoff on Sept. 3 ... amazing.

  8. And by the time my shift started in earnest at 9:30 or so, it was down to 67. I had put on a long-sleeve T before the game because it read "Maroons" across the front, but, by this point in the evening, I was glad to have the long sleeves.

  9. Now, as you would imagine, there was refuse that was distasteful to collect if you concentrated on it too much (i.e., now why would someone to use and discard tooth floss at a football game?). So I just didn't concentrate on that too much. I moved fast, and I tried to be very thorough, and I appreciated the exercise of climbing stairs and bending over. I remembered in Boy Scouts that my troop had an adult leader who, in marshaling me and the other lads in cleanup at the close of a camping weekend, would bark, "ALL I WANT TO SEE ARE ELBOWS AND ASSHOLES, GENTLEMEN!" That really wasn't a very appropriate thing to say.

  10. Most of all, I appreciated just being a small part of the hubbub.

  11. I enjoyed moving among the straggler parents who waited in the stands to greet their boys who had already gone to the showers. I enjoyed moving among the celebrating parents who joined the happy boys who stayed on the field to savor (finally) their first win in three tries. I enjoyed moving among the security officers on the lookout for nonsense, the deadly serious men putting away equipment and the silly younger siblings, still playing chaotic Nerf football in the open grassy areas on the outskirts of the field.

    All of us under the lights together.

  12. I don't know what my favorite book of the Bible is. Sometimes it's John. Sometimes it's Luke and/or Acts. Every so often it's Ecclesiastes. Mostly it's Luke/Acts. Oh, sometimes Mark. And Matthew. Ephesians.

    Philippians is right there, though, too. Absolutely right there.

  13. I really love good things. Actually, I really love most things that are merely not bad.

  14. It might not make sense to Saint Paul or anyone else, but, to me, experiences like that big bunch of people pretty much not killing each other under the lights altogether at Madisonville-North Hopkins High School totally feel lovely, pure, right, et al. And I just love getting to being part of them.

  15. Oh! I almost forgot to mention ... the rest of the boosters were long gone, but I kept hanging around looking for more trash because I didn't want to leave. And I was glad that I did stick around because I got to see off the caravan for the return trip to Marion. Two buses of kids and two SUVs of adults who looked like coaches or other school administrators exited the fenced-in part of the facility at about 10:30, and then some other vehicles--probably parents or friends or Rocket football fans--joined the parade from the parking lot.

    "Be careful. Thanks for coming," I told the ones who passed me with windows down. Like I owned the place. What a dork!

  16. And then I went home, too, and told the women all about it. Then the older woman and I stayed up and watched another Downtown Abbey, which also was lovely and right.

    Thank God for the whole night.

    1. One of the best things about the Gospel is how Jesus is always stopping to talk to random people -- tax collectors, single women, Roman soldiers. Sometimes he falls behind schedule. Sometimes he makes the apostles worry about how they're going to eat. But He just finds all of it so very interesting. He likes having nice wine at a wedding. And He likes dining with tax collectors. And He likes talking to religious leaders. He made all of it, and He enjoys every bit of it.

  17. And so He's never bored. Every person He meets is part of His creation. Every town is full of His people. That's how He wants us to feel. "Take therefore no thought for the morrow: for the morrow shall take thought for the things of itself. Sufficient unto the day is the evil thereof."