Tuesday, March 16, 2021

College Baseball Update

Vandy lost the third game of its weekend series at Oklahoma State, 10 to 6.  The Dores won the series, but the Sunday loss ended their nine-game winning streak and dropped them to 12-2 overall.  Vandy plays Belmont today, and starts SEC play on Friday with a three-game homestand against South Carolina.

Here's your top 10, according to D1Baseball:

1.  Arkansas:  12-1
2.  Vanderbilt:  12-2
3.  Mississippi St:  13-3
4.  Mississippi:  13-3
5.  Florida:  13-4
6.  Miami (Fla.):  8-4
7.  Texas Tech:  13-3
8.  Louisville:  11-4
9.  E. Carolina:  13-2
10.  Texas:  11-5


  1. Big game in Lexington, at least to me, as Murray State leads UK 11-8 going into the 9th. It's very weird; I don't think I've ever seen UK and Murray State play against each other in any sport.

  2. Murray crushes a two-run homer to right! The Racers lead 13-8 in the top of the 9th.

  3. Murray is 0-3 against Arkansas, 0-1 against Louisville, and 7-4 against everyone else.

  4. UK is 11-2, but they've had a pretty easy schedule so far. UK beat Eastern 6-3 and beat Western 6-5.

  5. Kentucky's cream-colored home uniforms are fantastic. I really want one of those jerseys. And I want Kentucky to drop the "UK" on the cap and go back to "K."

  6. Murray is wearing a cap and jersey with a confusing logo. I think it's a guy on a horse (or maybe just a horse) surrounded by a horseshoe. It's too busy to work. And their numbers have a clunky font.

  7. RACERS WIN! RACERS WIN! Murray completes a 13-8 win over the Big Blue. Racers move to 8-8 on the year.

  8. Now we have Vandy and Belmont. Vandy is wearing its retro uniform: cream jersey with black numerals, cream knee-length pants with a black belt, "Vanderbilt" in cursive on the shirt, and black stirrups. They look amazing. Belmont doing its own retro thing, as they are rocking powder blue jerseys and pants. Great uniform match-up.

  9. Vanderbilt is one of the best-dressed teams in college athletics.

  10. Vandy won 4-1 to run its record to 13-2.