Sunday, February 14, 2021

Snow in Paducah

According to WPSD-TV, these are the five biggest single-day totals for snowfall in Paducah (records go back to December 1937).  I remember number 2 very well:

1.  14.0 inches on December 22, 2004

2.  11.0 inches on January 16, 1978

3.  10.8 inches on February 16, 2015

4.  9.0 inches on March 2, 1960

5.  8.1 inches on January 15, 2018


  1. According to Johnny Miller and Steve Wingfield in the afternoon Sun-Democrat of Monday, Jan. 16, 1978, the snow started at about 10 Sunday night and had reached about 4 inches in accumulation by midday. “The forecast was for over five inches of new snow before the storm tapers off into flurries tonight.”

    Other items from that edition of the Sun-Democrat:

    — PCC has acquired a PDP 11/03 computer system which will be able to communicate over a telephone line with the University of Kentucky computer system in Lexington. Punched cards are replaced with “floppy discs.”

    — The Chopped Luncheon Steak Special—chopped steak, baked potato, texas toast and salad bar—is on sale for $1.79 at Bonanza 11-4 weekdays.

    — Karl Harrison writes on the Opinion page that the Sun-Democrat in 1978 is returning to the old format for its Sunday Family page after enthusiastic response against several changes rolled out in 1977—photo-album-type pictures, more white space and no stories. “Far from being a failing, we saw the episode as enlightening. I was surprised and pleased to see that readers were so involved and concerned.” New regular comic features Tank McNamara, Doonesbury and Don Q will stay, but Asterix & Obelix—“the hottest new strip going in several European papers, we were told”—is out. I love Karl Harrison.

    — In today’s Doonesbury, by the way, <a href="”>Uncle Duke</a> is passed out on a bed and surrounded by an empty drink can, a flask, an ash tray heaping with cigarette butts and various other capsule-looking things.

    — In prime time tonight, it’s <i>Lucan</i> and the American Music Awards on Channel 3; <i>Little House on the Prairie</i> and a movie, <i>Nowhere to Run</i>, on Channel 6 (after <i>Pop Goes the Country</i> at 6:30), and <i>Logan’s Run</i>, <i>Maude</i>, <i>Fighting Nightingales</i> and <i>Switch</i> on Channel 12 (after <i>The Muppet Show</i> at 6:30. Channel 6 has Kentucky vs. Ole Miss on tape delay after the news.

    — Not that you should get out on the roads, but the movies are <i>Close Encounters of the Third Kind</i> and <i>The Gauntlet</i> at Columbia I and II, <i>Heroes</i> at the Arcade and <i>Kentucky Fried Movie</i> and <i>If You Don’t Stop It … You’ll Go Blind!!!</i> at Paducah Cinemas 1 and 2.

    — The Cowboys beat the Broncos in Super Bowl XII yesterday, 27-10.

    — UK beat LSU, 96-79, in Lexington on Saturday night, and Dale Brown says the Wildcats played “dirty off the ball.” Also, he says UK fans in the stands hit him in the back of the head with ice.

  2. That lunch special at Bonanza is $7.49 in today's money if you adjust for inflation. That's a pretty good deal.

  3. I thought Super Bowl XII was one of the most boring sports events of all time. I suppose a lot of 11-year-olds feel the same way about this year's version.

  4. Dale Brown lost the last seven games he coached against UK. Here are the scores of the last three games:

    03/04/1995: Kentucky 127 - 80 Louisiana St.
    01/16/1996: Louisiana St. 97 - 129 Kentucky
    02/12/1997: Kentucky 84 - 48 Louisiana St.

    For those games alone, Rick Pitino will always be one of my favorite UK coaches.