Tuesday, January 12, 2021

Music of the week

I tend to listen to a lot of music that I never write about here.  I thought this year I would try and give a nod at least to what I'm listening to each week and then when I find something I like go into more detail.  So nothing really stood out in week 1 of this year, but here is what was on my playlist for the week.

F*ck Art by The Dirty Nil

A Canadian band this is their second album.  I would say they are a mix of Green Day and Everclear if you are looking for influences.  Just not lyrically as interesting as either of those bands.  

Daylight Saving by Photonz

Portuguese producer and DJ.  Probably enough said right there.  I found this opening track "Venus" to be the best.  There wasn't much to keep me interested.  Still I love the idea of listening to someone who Allmusic refers to as a driving force behind the Lisbon dance scene.  

Pure Piano Chill by Jim Brickman

My youngest has started taking piano lessons and one of the things we like to throw on in the background these days is piano music.  This was a fun album this week.  We put it on this Saturday and our oldest and me kept trying to name the songs when they would start to play.  At 52 tracks you get a lot of music here.  If you want WZEZ style piano music to go in the background it's a good call.  

Nuthin' But a She Thang by various artists

A collection of songs by 14 different female electronic producers.  Not a lot here, but another good background album.  

Red Hills Road by Sly & Robbie

Probably had the most fun listening to this album.  Good beats and the kids and I really had fun dancing along to some of the tracks.  I had never heard of Sly & Robbie but here is a quote from their bio at allmusic.  
Theirs is the ultimate musical marriage, a partnership that, once formed, re-etched the very landscape of not just Jamaican music, but the entire world's. Such hyperbole is oftentimes rolled out by publicity machines whenever two musical talents come together, but in the case of drummer Sly Dunbar and bassist Robbie Shakespeare, it really was an earth-shattering union. 

A fun album like I said with some good beats.  Still nothing that I'm going to be listening to once it is off my weekly playlist. 


Piano Pentagon by Maria Kiosseva

Born in Bulgaria, Maria Kiosseva is a professional, classical, pianist.  That is about all I can say for her and this album.  Again this fit with my youngest and his interest in piano music currently, but this one didn't find much interest in our house.  

Ballads on the Subway by Briony Price

The fun thing about these streaming services is they have all sorts of artists and so when you are looking through their list of new releases you never know what you'll find.  Sometimes I find albums by obscure artists that are really good, sometimes not so good.  


  1. I enjoyed this--thanks for posting it. I sure loved that show Once from which the first piano song came.

    In our house, I decided to start listening to our CDs in 2021. This week, during meals, we've been playing the MTV Unplugged recording of 10,000 Maniacs. I sure loved that band, and it's fun to hear them again.

    1. If you go on Youtube, and read comments from fans, I think you'll find that Natalie Merchant's fans remain extremely devoted.