Thursday, November 5, 2020

NFL AP Poll: Week Nine

Here's the latest top 10 from the NFL's AP Poll:

1.  Pittsburgh:  7-0
2.  Kansas City:  7-1
3.  Seattle:  6-1
4.  Tampa Bay:  6-2
5.  Baltimore:  5-2
6.  New Orleans:  5-2
7.  Green Bay:  5-2
8.  Buffalo:  6-2
9.  Tennessee:  5-2
10.  Arizona:  5-2

Now that is a very strong top ten.  Six of the top seven teams on the list have quarterbacks who have won the Super Bowl, and the seventh quarterback in that group was the League MVP last year.  The QB's for Pittsburgh, Kansas City, Seattle, Tampa Bay, New Orleans, and Green Bay are all pretty much locks for the Hall of Fame -- and Lamar Jackson (Baltimore) and Kyler Murray (Arizona) may join them.  After years of watching ineptitude in the NFC and the Patriots lording over the AFC, I am really enjoying this season.

Dolphins update:  Miami is now 4-3 and up to number 15 in the rankings.  Here's the current AFC East standings (with poll numbers);

8.  Buffalo:  6-2
15.  Miami:  4-3
21.  New England:  2-5
32.  New York:  0-8

Meanwhile, the Football Team (2-5) had a bye and fell from 24 to 27.  This year's NFC East may be the worst division in history.  Here they are:

18.  Philadelphia:  3-4-1
27.  Football Team:  2-5
30.  Dallas:  2-6
29.  New York:  1-7

I think the Game of the Week is in Buffalo, where the Number 8 Bills will host the Number 3 Seahawks.  The Seahawks seem to play about 10 games a year on the East Coast, which I don't really understand.  But most folks will be more interested in the Sunday Night Game, where the Number 4 Bucs will host the Number 6 Saints -- Tom Brady v. Drew Brees.  To give you a sense of how amazing Tom Brady is, consider the following fact:  In 2009, Drew Brees won the Super Bowl with New Orleans.  In 2010, Aaron Rodgers won the Super Bowl with the Packers.  Neither of those quarterbacks has returned to the Super Bowl since.  In that time, Brady has been to five Super Bowls, winning three.