Saturday, October 17, 2020

Tennessee 7 - 34 Kentucky (Final)

On November 28, 1935, the Kentucky Wildcats played their last football game of the season at McLean Stadium.  The Cats pasted the Tennessee Volunteers 27-0 to finish the year with a record of 3-3 in the SEC, and 5-4 overall.

That was 85 years ago.  In all that time, UK had never beaten Tennessee by such a large margin.  Until today.

Today, the Cats went to Knoxville -- where they had not won a football game since 1984 -- and crushed the Vols 34 to 7.  It was a stunning result -- and, to my mind, the most impressive victory for the Cats in many, many years.  I am now totally on board with Coach Stoops and his approach, and I will not be complaining about the Big Blue football team for a long time.

Also, I hope that a lot of folks in the Bluegrass will agree with me that beating Tennessee is always better than beating Louisville. 

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  1. It was the strangest game. It was absolutely the blowout that the score indicated, and, afterward, two of my neighbors and I all just talked about how we, of course, could hardly enjoy it for worrying what heartbreak the fourth quarter might bring. Alas, none arrived. Heck of a win. Two good wins in a row, in fact.