Friday, November 15, 2019

Oh, Kentucky

"While in the audience of that open meeting, Mayor Perros made a joke about Convention and Visitors Bureau Director Jennifer Kirchner not wearing socks as she gave a presentation, which Magistrate Phil Sammons took to another level by commenting on the attractiveness of her legs." Bobbie Curd, in Danville's Advocate-Messenger, delivers another example of contemporary American journalism's typically stellar meeting coverage.

Even if the grid fails, Fort Knox reportedly--by the garrison commander, to the Hardin County Chamber of Commerce, via Mary Alford in Elizabethtown's News-Enterprise--can power itself back up within 11 minutes.

Deborah Fallows in The Atlantic:
Reporting from those who live or spend time in Kentucky, be that in newsletters or rural press, adds a nuance of understanding that delivers insistent stories of a contaminated water supply, leaky and crumbling pipes, wastewater pipe shortages, industrial leaks and spills, a declining tax base from mine closures, rising water costs, and all the humanly compelling drama that ensues. 
Then the cascade begins. The women bathe the babies, who then develop rashes. The women drive them long distances to see doctors, which is costly and time-consuming. Researching medical counsel or the alternatives of telemedicine often demand broadband connections, which are scarce, spotty, or thin in poor, rural America. Navigating coverage of telehealth from insurance companies is, as you’d imagine, complicated. And of course, all these steps require technology, transportation, and bill-paying, not to mention the wherewithal to accomplish them.
Hiring in Barbourville, Booneville, Frenchburg and Prestonsburg.

Silver Grove Independent School is no more.

Turning to sports, Sunday's your day for (free) ice skating in Corbin; Emma Talley looks back on "the hardest year of my golf career" (and reflects on Jeremiah 29:11), and WKU's Ty Storey is your Manning Award Quarterback of the Week!

Christmas parades: Sharpsburg, Nov. 9; Owensboro, Nov. 23; Louisville, Nov. 29; Pikeville, Nov. 30; Boyce, Dawson Springs and Murray, Dec. 1; Bardstown, Dec. 5; Harrodsburg, Hopkinsville and Monticello, Dec. 6; Berea, Bowling Green, Calvert City, Danville, Frankfort, Glasgow, Henderson, Lawrenceburg, Lexington, Madisonville, Paducah, Scottsville, Shelbyville, Trenton, Versailles and Whitley City, Dec. 7; Georgetown, Dec. 8; Cave City, Dec. 10, and Burnside, Elkton and Williamsburg, Dec. 14.

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