Wednesday, October 16, 2019

MLB Playoffs: Day Thirteen

In the early game yesterday, the Astros got solo home runs in the first two innings to take a 2-0 lead.  As it turned out, that was all the run support that Gerrit Cole needed.  The Houston ace, who has been absolutely devastating in the post-season, beat the Yankees 4-1 yesterday.  So since losing the first game, Houston has bounced back in the games started by Cole and Justin Verlander, and they now lead the series two games to one.  But the Yankees still have two more games in Yankee Stadium, and they can very much play their way back into this one.

In the nightcap, Natstown was transported into ecstasy when its heroes scored SEVEN RUNS in the bottom of the first.  Of course, St. Louis didn't give up, and the Cardinals cut the lead to 7-4 by the fifth.  In the top of the 8th, the Cardinals had the bases loaded with two out and Matt Carpenter at the plate.  But Carpenter grounded out to second, and all of Natstown went nuts about 20 minutes afterward.  In the end, Washington SWEPT the Cardinals -- the first time that this had ever happened to St. Louis in the NLCS.  The Cards managed only six runs in the whole series.  Natstown now gets a whole week of celebration before the World Series starts on October 22.  As a Nats fan, I will probably have a lot more to say about how things turned out in the National League, but I'm still too stunned to record my feelings.

So in an era that is supposed to belong to the sluggers and the bullpens, Gerrit Cole and the Nationals showed once again that no one can dominate a baseball game like a good starting pitcher.

Tonight's game between the Astros and Yankees has been rained out, so we won't have any more baseball until Thursday night.

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