Friday, October 18, 2019

MLB Playoffs: Day Fifteen

This may be the last day for playoff reports.  The Astros dominated the Yankees yesterday, beating them 8-3 and driving them to the brink of elimination.  The Astros and Yankees both play baseball in the 2019 style, where everything is about putting your big guys in position to make big hits.  In the first inning and the fifth inning, the Yankees had the bases loaded but could not get the hit they needed.  By contrast, when George Springer came up in the top of the third with two men on base, he promptly smacked a homer into the left field seats.  Carlos Correa had the same opportunity in the top of the sixth, and delivered the same result.  That made the score 6-1, and the Astros' bullpen isn't going to give up a five-run lead with only 12 outs to go.

The Yankees now face Justin Verlander with their season on the line, which is not where anyone wants to be.  If they don't start scoring more runs, they will have the winter to think about what they should have done differently.

Tonight's game, which is being played on the one night where everyone can stay up late, is starting an hour earlier than the other games in the series.  This means that all of us who like to attend high school football games will probably miss most of the game.  Just another example of how MLB clearly doesn't care whether anyone watches on TV or not.

6:08 PM CT:  Houston at New York (Houston leads 3-1) (Fox Sports One)

NLCS:  Washington beat St. Louis 4-0.

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