Wednesday, October 9, 2019

Forty Forth Podcast

The forty fourth podcast is up. Thanks to for the audio files. Matthew and Eric talk about the NFL.

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  1. In the Super Bowl era, seven first-overall draft choices--Terry Bradshaw with the Steelers, Ed Jones with the Cowboys, John Elway with the Broncos*, Troy Aikman with the Cowboys, Russell Maryland with the Cowboys, Orlando Pace with the Rams and Eli Manning with the Giants--have played leading roles in championship seasons for the teams which drafted them. (*OK, Elway was actually drafted by the Colts, but he played with Denver from the start, so I'm counting him.) And Bradshaw (four), Aikman and Maryland (three) and Elway and Manning (two) all won multiple Super Bowls with the teams which drafted them. Not duplicating the Aikman/Maryland overlap with the 1990s Cowboys, that's 14 of 53 Super Bowls (better than a quarter) having been won by a team relying heavily on a player it selected No. 1 overall in the NFL draft. That's pretty good.

    I stand by my position, however. Go, Dolphins, against the Redskins on Sunday.