Sunday, October 27, 2019

AP NFL Poll: Week Eight

The big development last week was that the Ravens went to Seattle and dominated the Seahawks, winning 30 to 16.  So for now, they appear to be New England's most likely victim in the AFC Title Game.  I also think it's a big deal that the Saints won five games in a row without Drew Brees.  Can this be the year that they finally make it back to the Super Bowl?

1.  New England:  7-0
2.  New Orleans:  6-1
3.  San Francisco:  6-0
4.  Green Bay:  6-1
5.  Baltimore:  5-2
6.  Minnesota:  5-2
7.  Kansas City:  5-2
8.  Buffalo:  5-1
9.  Seattle:  5-2
10.  Indianapolis:  4-2

The Dolphins (0-6) are still in 32d place.  The Skins (1-6) are in 30th.

The Game of the Week is the Sunday night game, where the Chiefs will be hosting the Packers in a re-match of Super Bowl I.  I think we all know that this will not be Kansas City's year -- they still have no defense, and now Patrick Mahomes is hurt.  On the other hand, the Packers are 6-1 and playing very well so far.  Now if Green Bay is really capable of beating the Saints in January, and beating the Patriots in February, they should be able to go into Kansas City and beat a banged-up Chiefs team with no Mahomes.  So we will learn something about the Pack.  That is the only game this week featuring Top Ten teams.


  1. I'm declaring tonight as my Super Bowl.

  2. I flipped on ESPN to catch some of the pregame fanfare for tonight's Monday Night Football, and Steve Young was amid a screed against the Dolphins for endangering the welfare of their players and violating trust with them and their fans. I think Steve Young is great on TV, and I totally agree with the bit of this that I saw. But I'm not doing this tonight. Tonight, I'm rooting for these Miami Dolphins (in the great, old uniforms) to beat these Pittsburgh Steelers on national television. And right now it's 7-0, Miami, and our quarterback, Ryan Fitzpatrick just scrambled out of the pocket and drilled a pass to our former first-round draft choice, Louisville's Devante Parker, to convert a third-and-14 inside Pittsburgh territory ...

  3. Here are some of the players on Miami's offense:

    -- No. 14 is Ryan Fitzpatrick, and we all know who he is. I like Ryan Fitzpatrick, and, in retrospect, I actually wish he had been our quarterback for the last 10 years.

    -- No. 18 is an undrafted rookie wide receiver named Preston Williams, and, to the extent the Dolphins have had a breakout star in NFL19, it's Preston Williams. He's really tall.

    -- No. 17 is Allen Hurns, a former Jacksonville Jaguars and Dallas Cowboys wide receiver, who JUST CAUGHT A TOUCHDOWN PASS FROM RYAN FITZPATRICK!

  4. OK, now it's 14-10, Dolphins, as we get ready to start the second half, and Larry Csonka just came on and did an, "Are you ready for some football?"

  5. The Steelers got to within four with a touchdown late in the first half on a third-and-20 conversion, and, while Booger McFarland and Joe Tessitore aren't exactly saying so, there are plenty of people on Twitter saying the defensive play call there was highly suspicious.

    But, again, I'm not getting in to that tonight.

  6. OK, the Dolphins hold the Steelers to an attempt for a 54-yard field goal, and the kick is wide. Still 14-10.

  7. Somebody ought to do a sequel to North Dallas Forty about these Dolphins, and Mac Davis could just go ahead and play the quarterback again.

  8. The Dolphins have been outscored by a total of 54-0 during their third quarters this season. They were outscored by 7-0 in tonight's third quarter, and so now it's 17-10, Pittsburgh, going into the fourth. Veteran Miami quarterback Seth Maxwell just sprinted for a fourth-down conversion to the Pittsburgh 46 to close the third--if the ruling on the field stands after review.

  9. My word, these uniforms are beautiful.

  10. OK, so now the referees spent several minutes reviewing videotape of the spot and moved the football backward some, and now we're going to measure for the first down with the metal sticks and chain ... no first down ... this is stupid ... I have wasted my life and this evening.