Thursday, October 31, 2019

AP NFL Poll: Week 9

So the Packers went to Kansas City and beat the Mahomes-less Chiefs 31 to 24.  And the 49ers beat Carolina 51 to 13.  The NFC playoffs should be really good this year.  The AFC -- not so much:

1.  New England:  8-0
2.  San Francisco:  7-0
3.  New Orleans:  7-1
4.  Green Bay:  7-1
5.  Minnesota:  6-2
6.  Baltimore:  5-2
7.  Seattle:  6-2
T8.  Kansas City:  5-3
T8.  Indianapolis:  5-2
10.  Houston:  5-3

The 1-7 Redskins, who are ranked number 30, will be in Buffalo for a rematch of Super Bowl XXVI.  The 0-7 Dolphins are still number 32.  But that number one overall pick isn't yet assured -- the Bengals are 0-8.

The Game of the Week is in Baltimore, where the Ravens will host the Patriots in the Patriots' first real game of the season.  This will be NBC's Sunday Night Game, as it should be.

Meanwhile, the Chiefs will host the Vikings in a Sunday game at noon central.  The Chiefs lost their rematch of Super Bowl I last week; we'll see if they do any better in a rematch of Super Bowl IV.  And that's all the top-10 match-ups for this week.


  1. For me, this season feels like one of those strike seasons in the early '80s, except the Dolphins are awful and cheating.

  2. With the Dolphins being so bad I have nothing to root for but players I like, like Lamar Jackson. I do not look forward to him being humiliated Sunday by a team I can't stand.

  3. I will be surprised if Baltimore is humiliated on Sunday. My guess is that Belichick will assume that he's going to play Baltimore in the playoffs, so he'll spend most of this game just trying to figure out tendencies and experimenting with different things on defense. He won't want to show Jackson everything he's got until January.

  4. Dolphins win, and Patriots lose! And this concludes my observance of NFL19 (maybe).