Saturday, September 21, 2019

AP NFL Poll: Week 3

Let's be honest -- this whole football season will largely consist of months of waiting to see whether Clemson and New England can repeat.  Right now it's hard to see much reason for optimism for any team seeking to challenge either of them.  Here is the latest top 10 in the NFL, according to the AP:

1.  New England:  2-0
2.  Kansas City:  2-0
3.  Los Angeles:  2-0
4.  Dallas:  2-0
5.  Baltimore:  2-0
6.  Seattle:  2-0
7.  Green Bay:  2-0
8.  Philadelphia:  1-1
9.  Minnesota:  1-1
10.  New Orleans:  1-1

The Redskins are 26th.  The Dolphins are 32d.  It's so bad in Miami that the Dolphins may come under investigation for tanking.

I think this is the last week of the season before the byes start, and we have a couple of promising games.  The best game of the week is actually a Sunday kickoff at 1 PM -- the Chiefs are hosting the Ravens.  I like the early afternoon games on Sunday, so I'm pretty happy to see a high-profile match-up for those of us who like to tune in after church.  The other game featuring top-10 competition is a late afternoon game in Seattle, where the Seahawks and Saints will be doing battle on Fox.  The Saints may not be able to do much without Drew Brees, but believe me when I tell you that Seahawks-Saints is a significant upgrade from the rest of the schedule.


  1. This week's schedule features rematches of Super Bowls VI (Cowboys v. Dolphins), XI (Vikings v. Raiders), and XXXII (Packers v. Broncos).

  2. It was kind of neat how close Sunday's game (Cowboys 31, Dolphins 6) came to matching the Super Bowl VI score (Cowboys 24, Dolphins 3). So far, this fact has been Miami's highlight of the NFL19 regular season.