Tuesday, July 16, 2019

Oh, Kentucky

Guns N' Roses is not playing Pikeville.

I wonder how the interactive children's concert with the Lexington Philharmonic went Saturday in Williamsburg.

Madisonville's mayor explained some city-budget choices at a town meeting last week, and Brandon Buchanan with The Messenger has an interesting report: "We can't continue to fund organizations when we can't even find what they have done."

Patrick Sisson in Curbed looks at a Kentucky native's vision for high-tech farming in Morehead: "We’re committed to making eastern Kentucky the agtech capital of America."

Good jobs news from Danville.

The state's highest rents for apartment complexes are found in Newport.

Falmouth's ambulance service is in jeopardy. 

Flat (inflation-adjusted) wages, still, in Kentucky.

Welcome to KSU, and here's a laptop--The Kentucky 100 has the scoop in 100 or fewer words. 

You're running out of time to weigh in on naming the animals at LBL.

Should Kentucky decriminalize possession of marijuana up to 100 grams? Ninety-four of the first 130 voters at a Harrodsburg Herald poll said yes.

Improper drop-offs are becoming a bigger problem for Ashland's non-profit community, reports Carly Carver in The Daily Independent.

Thanks, Feds, for sticking up for a whistle-blowing truck driver in Florence.

British Open Preview: I predict that Jason Dufner will not win his second major since June 2010 when the HP launched.

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