Tuesday, February 26, 2019

Oh, Kentucky

Robin Hart in Danville's Advocate-Messenger reports the state auditor's gripping tale of losing his vehicle but finding plenty of helpful people in the flooding near Salyersville.

Buffet on Kentucky (indirectly): "If I were relocating into some state that had a huge unfunded pension plan, I am walking into liabilities. Because I mean, who knows whether they’re gonna get it from the corporate income tax or my employees–you know, with personal income taxes or what. But that–that liability isn’t gonna–you can’t ship it offshore or anything like that. And those are big numbers, really big numbers."

Bevin on trade: "Ultimately, when the dust settles, I am confident that we will have a deal that is a significant improvement over NAFTA, that will benefit all interested parties in my home state of Kentucky and that will be a win for the entire Western Hemisphere. The USMCA is that deal, and the sooner each of our nations ratify it, the better it will be for all of us."

The back story, perhaps, on EnerBlu's pullout from Pikeville.

Hiring in Fulton (for drivers for the county transit authority) and Irvine (for a general laborer "essential to providing safe drinking water to the community").

Kentucky's safest cities? In order, they are Madisonville, Independence, Fort Thomas, Lawrenceburg and Mount Washington, per the National Council for Home Safety and Security and its analysis of FBI Uniform Crime Report statistics.

"Combatting Homelessness" is the agenda for tomorrow's Greater Louisville Reentry Coalition meeting.

Average student-loan debt among Kentucky college students is up 100 percent since 2004, reports Nicole Ziege in WKU's College Heights Herald.

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