Friday, July 27, 2018

Oh, Kentucky


It's back-to-school-shopping time, and here's where Paducah's parents can find bulletproof backpacks and gun-handling classes for their 7-year-olds.

One old school in Nelson County is set to reopen as a rehab facility next month, and a second might be on its way.

A Morgantown nonprofit mulls a facility for pregnant addicts.

Michael (A.) Cohen, New Hampshire veep-hopeful Matt Bevin and Kentucky healthcare in the Boston Globe. 

On the question of medical cannabis and Kentucky.

It was norovirus, and now the Fayette Mall food court is back up and running.

The restaurant-tax-driven renewal of Madisonville moves forward.

Bill Mardis in Somerset's Commonwealth Journal renews his 50-year tradition of dishing the low-down dirt on the snakes of Pulaski County.

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  1. Taxes are bad. Liberals just want to give our tax money away to illegals.