Wednesday, January 3, 2018

Oh, Kentucky

It's a total loss for the Calvert City McDonald's.

No suspects in the theft of Cadiz police chief's pistol from his car.

The cold, hard facts from Beattyville's Bobcat Dairy Bar.

Creating localized power generation in Perry County (and at UK).

"Record-setting performance this year in job creation and corporate investment" in Kentucky, raves the governor.

"Another great year" in Fort Wright, per the mayor.

Asks SOAR: "What would you like to see happen in Appalachia Kentucky in 2018?"

The Kentucky Lake Ski Nuts were back at it on New Year's Day, even with the cold.

Rest in peace, Coach/"Crow" Fletcher, thought by some to be the 13th Region's first-ever jump shooter, Corbin High history teacher who flunked no one in 30 years and "a true Redhound icon."

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  1. If the gap between wealthy and poor schools gets back to a certain level, will the court ruling that started all of the change back in 1990 come back into play? I'm surprised that this hasn't already come up in the court.