Friday, January 26, 2018

2017 Best Albums

This year I have decided to highlight the albums that got a 3 star or higher review.

Season High by Little Dragon
The more I've listened to this album this year the more I think, "professionals at work here." Just a solid album from start to finish.

Run the Jewels 3 by Run the Jewels
Easily the best rap album I listed to all year. This album was easily the soundtrack of early 2017. 

The Awakening by Kevin Ross
This album got better and better as I listened to it through the year and I found those songs that really stuck with me.  Easily the best R&B album I heard this year.

Trinity Lane by Lilly Hiatt
The confessional part of this album really spoke to me and stuck with me.  I would highly recommend it to anyone, where I'm not sure I would say that about any of the other albums on this list.

Younger Now by Miley Cyrus
No album grew more on me as the year went by than this album.  I came to really like some of the songs even ranking "She's Not Him" my number 2 song of the year.  In an odd way this album seems to be more 2017 than any other album from this year and that's why it's my album of the year.

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