Monday, December 25, 2017

Hooray for Christmas! (1971)

My 2017 wife and daughter thinks this activity has been creepy, but I've been spending a significant amount of time watching various YouTube users Christmas home movies from 1971.

It's not so much the public-event films from the Monroe, North Carolina (above), and Allen, Texas (below), Christmas parades.

It's my watching the in-the-houses/in-their-pajamas stuff that has been creeping them out ...

But I love seeing them. I love to see what everybody got ... like this lucky dude, who got a Carrom game. We have a Carrom board that we use as a tray for drinks and stuff.

And this kid got an awesome Battle of Britain model kit.

Somebody at this house has gotten one of those AFX slot-car sets.

And, if you look very carefully, some kind of Cadaco game.

The racing sets are all over these Christmas 1971 videos.

I wonder if this dude got to take his on flight later in the day.

The fortunate sons of this HVAC contractor got G.I. Joes and bikes for Christmas.

Grandpa got gloves.

I can't tell what record this lady got, but she's obviously pleased.

This guy got the All in the Family record.

President Nixon was looking forward to an afternoon in front of the TV to see some NFL71 playoff action: "We’re like everybody else; we’re going to try to have dinner between football games … I think you’re going to win … If they win, they play in Dallas next, don’t they? I envy you." I watched a good many of these videos and saw some TVs playing in the background--but none playing the NFL games.

Some of my favorite parts in these videos ...

...were the creative hijinks, probably from Christmas71 afternoon and things had settled down from the Santa visits, gift exchanges and main-meal finery. 

Well, here's hoping all of the 2017 Christmases are going as merrily as these from 1971.

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  1. I just read this again today, and it is making me so excited about both Christmas18 and Christmas72!