Sunday, November 12, 2017

Twenty Sixth Podcast

The twenty sixth podcast is up. Thanks to for the audio files. Eric and Matthew talk about board games.

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  1. This is a solid conversation kicking off the new project.

  2. My NBA team for my basketball game that I wrote in BASIC in 1985-86 finished 41-41. It really did.

  3. I've continued to be surprised for nearly a full week that you own some of the Strat-o-Matic games.

  4. My energy level is awful in this episode. A few times, I have such long pauses, it's as though I've fallen asleep.

  5. I'm going to put three 1971 football games out here, just for the sake of whatever:

    -- Talking Football,

    -- the Sports Illustrated game that eventually became marketed as "Paydirt" and "Bowl Bound" and

    -- Foto-Electric.

    Also, of course, NFL Strategy is a possibility.

  6. So I'm going to stop there, and now let's talk about these football games and possible structures for our playtime during the next episode.