Wednesday, November 8, 2017

Album Review: Cry Cry Cry by Wolf Parade

I never know what to make of bands like Wolf Parade. Not really my kind of music. Something about their sound and vibe that just doesn't work for me. I put the album on and I try to get into it, I try to listen to the lyrics, because it all sounds so serious, but I just can't. This is obviously why I could never be a music critic.

If this is your style then I would say this is a good album. For guys who took a long time off between albums my impression is this is a good solid revival, which is rare. So if you like Wolf Parade then I would say definitely pick this album up and I don't think you'll be disappointed. If you like the song on the video I've posted here then you will like the album as it is very consistent.

Following the Rhapsody rating method I give it 2 out of 5 stars for Not Bad. When there is an album where my only complaint is that it isn't my thing it is hard to give it less than two stars.

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