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1913 World Series Game 2 (BBPRO98 Simulation)

Coming into Game 2 the Pirates lead the series 1 game to 0 over the Detroit Tigers.  This is the 4th year in a row these two teams have met in the World Series.  Let's get Game 2 started.

Pitching for Detroit will be Willie Mitchell.  Mitchell went 14-6 on the season with a 2.39 ERA.  He's a lefty.  In real life Willie Mitchell  had an eleven year career coming into the League in 1909 with Cleveland.  In 1913 he went 14-8 with a 1.91 ERA.  That was his best season.

2b, Frank O'Rourke leads off for the Pirates.  He flies to center
CF, George Burns is up next and grounds out to 3rd
C, Jimmy Archer hits the first pitch he gets out of the park in right-center to give Pittsburgh a 1-0 lead.

I talked yesterday about Jimmy Archer having a middling career in real life.  In my simulation he had a great career.  Through 10 seasons he was batting .309 with 210 HRs and 1,344 hits.

SS, Joe Cassidy flies to right

Johnny Lush is pitching for Pittsburgh.  In simulated 1913 he went 21-4 with a 2.39 ERA.  In real life Johnny Lush came into the League in 1904 and was out after 1910.  His best year was 1906 when he went 18-15 with a 2.37 ERA.

3b, Eddie Grant leads off the bottom of the first with a ground out to short
CF, Harry Hooper hits a single to center, then steals second
RF, Larry Doyle singles to left and we have men on 1st and 3rd with one out
2b, Eddie Collins is walked to load the bases.
1b, Jake Stahl comes through with a single to left-center scoring both Hooper and Doyle and Collins goes to 3rd.  Detroit now leads 2-1.
LF, Dutch Zwilling pops out to the catcher
C, Roger Bresnahan pops out to short

Pittsburgh 1 at Detroit 2 end of the 1st

1b, Joe Wood starts off the 2nd with a first pitch single up the middle
LF, Cy Williams walks
RF, Hy Myers singles to right scoring Wood and advancing Williams to 3rd, to make the score 2-2
3b, John Dodge hits into a 6-4-3 double play and they manage to hold Williams on at 3rd
With 2 out and a man on 3rd Pittsburgh pinch hits for Johnny Lush with Bob Unglaub who flies to left

Tom Fisher comes in to pitch for Pittsburgh.  Fisher had a 3.77 ERA in 49 appearances.
ss, Donie Bush flies to center
P, Willie Mitchell grounds to 3rd
3b, Eddie Grant grounds to 2nd

Pittsburgh 2 at Detroit 2 end of the 2nd

2b, Frank O'Rourke fouls out to right
CF, George Burns strikes out
C, Jimmy Archer walks
SS, Joe Cassidy singles to right
1b, Joe Wood grounds out to 3rd

CF, Harry Hooper foul pops to 1st
RF, Larry Doyle grounds out to short
2b, Eddie Collins grounds out to short
Pittsburgh 2 at Detroit 2 end of the 3rd

LF, Cy Williams singles to center
RF, Hy Myers hits into a 4-6-3 double play
3b, John Dodge strikes out

1b, Jake Stahl walks then steals second
LF, Dutch Zwilling grounds back to the pitcher and advances Stahl to 3rd
C, Roger Bresnahan hits a home run to left on a 1-2 pitch, giving Detroit a 4-2 lead.

 Bresnahan in real life played 17 years in the League from 1897 to 1915 with a few years off early on.  He played his best years with the Giants, then in 1909 went to play for the Cardinals and also act as manager.  He was inducted into the Hall of Fame in 1945.

SS, Donie Bush flies to left
P, Willie Mitchell draws a walk
3b, Eddie Grant grounds back to the pitcher to end the inning

Pittsburgh 2 at Detroit 4 end of the 4th

P, Tom Fisher strikes out to open the 5th inning
2b, Frank O'Rourke grounds to short
CF, George Burns singles to left
C, Jimmy Archer grounds to 2nd

CF, Harry Hooper grounds to short
RF, Larry Doyl grounds to 3rd
2b, Eddie Collins grounds to 1st

Pittsburgh 2 at Detroit 4 end of the 5th

SS, Joe Cassidy walks, then is caught stealing
1b, Joe Wood strikes out
LF, Cy Williams grounds to 1st

1b, Jake Stahl grounds to short
LF, Dutch Zwilling walks
C, Roger Bresnahan grounds to first to force Zwilling at 2nd
SS, Donie Bush doubles to right-center, Bresnahan stops at third
P, Willie Mitchell grounds back to the pitcher

Pittsburgh 2 at Detroit 4 end of the 6th

RF, Hy Myers grounds to 3rd
3b, John Dodge grounds to 2nd
Chick Gandil pinch hits for Tom Fish and grounds to 2nd

Deacon Phillipe comes into pitch for Pittsburgh.  Phillipe had a 5.85 ERA in 70 appearances.
3b, Eddie Grant grounds to 2nd
CF, Harry Hooper doubles to left.  Hooper is picked off at 2nd
RF, Larry Doyle walks
2b, Eddie Collins flies to center

Pittsburgh 2 at Detroit 4 end of the 7th

Ed Kinsella comes into pitch for Detroit to start the 8th.   Kinsella had a 4.59 ERA on 45 appearances during the season.
2b, Frank O'Rourke grounds to 2nd
CF, George Burns flies to left
C, Jimmy Archer singles to right-center
SS, Joe Cassidy walks
1b, Joe Wood walks
LF, Cy Williams strikes out

1b, Jake Stahl walks
LF, Dutch Zwilling singles up the middle
C, Roger Bresnahan hits into a 4-6-3 double play
SS, Donie Bush walks
Ted Easterly comes into pitch hit for Kinsella and grounds out to 2nd

Pittsburgh 2 at Detroit 4 end of the 8th

Steve Melter comes into pitch for Detroit.  I have no idea why they brought in Melter.  He had pitched a total of 2.1 innings during the season.  He appeared in 3 games.  In real life Melter played one year in 1909.  He appeared in 23 games for the Cardinals.
RF, Hy Myers opens the top of the ninth with a first pitch double to left-center
3b, John Dodge follows that up with a single to left, they hold Myers at third and Dodge makes it into 2nd
Jack Graney comes in to pinch hit for Deacon Phillipe and strikes out.
2b, Frank O'Rourke is intentionally walked to load the bases.
CF, George Burns hits into a 6-2 force.
C, Jimmy Archer comes through with an 0-1 grand slam to put the Pirates up 6-4.  His second home run of the game.
SS, Joe Cassidy lines out to short to end the top of the 9th.

Joe Benz comes in to pitch for the Pirates.  Benz had a 3.09 ERA in 22 appearances.
Joe Kustus comes in to play CF for George Burns
3b, Eddie Grant singles to center
CF, Harry Hooper hits one back to Benz but he can't handle it and so we have men on 1st and 2nd with no out.
RF, Larry Doyle takes the second pitch he sees out of the park for the walk off home run.

In real life Larry Doyle came into the League in 1907 with the Giants and played for 14 years.  He was a lifetime .290 hitter and in 1912 was the National League MVP.

Pittsburgh 6 at Detroit 7 end of the game

Box Scores - Wednesday, September 24

Line score:

Pittsburgh        1  1  0   0  0  0   0  0  4                     -  6
Detroit           2  0  0   2  0  0   0  0  3                     -  7

Pittsburgh Batting/Fielding Data:

  PITTSBURGH                      AB       R     H    RBI   BB    SO      
  2B    O'Rourke, F.               4       1     0     0     1     0      
  CF    Burns, G.                  5       1     1     0     0     1      
  CF    Kustus, J.                 0       0     0     0     0     0      
  C     Archer, J.                 4       2     3     5     1     0      
  SS    Cassidy, J.                3       0     1     0     2     0      
  1B    Wood, S.                   3       1     1     0     1     1      
  LF    Williams, C.               3       0     1     0     1     1      
  RF    Myers, H.                  4       0     2     1     0     0      
  3B    Dodge, J.                  4       1     1     0     0     1      
  P     Lush, J.                   0       0     0     0     0     0      
  PH    Unglaub, B.                1       0     0     0     0     0      
  P     Fisher, T.                 1       0     0     0     0     1      
  PH    Gandil, C.                 1       0     0     0     0     0      
  P     Phillipe, D.               0       0     0     0     0     0      
  PH    Graney, J.                 1       0     0     0     0     1      
  P     Benz, J.                   0       0     0     0     0     0      
  TOTALS                          34       6    10     6     6     6      
  2B:   Myers, H.,                                                        
        Dodge, J.                                                         
  HR:   Archer, J. 2                                                      
  IBB:  O'Rourke, F.                                                      
  GDP:  Myers, H.,                                                        
        Dodge, J.                                                         
  CS:   Cassidy, J.                                                       
  Team LOB:  7                                                            
  DP:   1                                                                 

Detroit Batting/Fielding Data:

  DETROIT                         AB       R     H    RBI   BB    SO      
  3B    Grant, E.                  5       1     1     0     0     0      
  CF    Hooper, H.                 5       2     3     0     0     0      
  RF    Doyle, L.                  4       2     2     3     1     0      
  2B    Collins, E.                3       0     0     0     1     0      
  1B    Stahl, J.                  2       1     1     2     2     0      
  LF    Zwilling, D.               3       0     1     0     1     0      
  C     Bresnahan, R.              4       1     1     2     0     0      
  SS    Bush, D.                   3       0     1     0     1     0      
  P     Mitchell, W.               2       0     0     0     1     0      
  P     Kinsella, E.               0       0     0     0     0     0      
  PH    Easterly, T.               1       0     0     0     0     0      
  P     Melter, S.                 0       0     0     0     0     0      
  TOTALS                          32       7    10     7     7     0      
  2B:   Hooper, H.,                                                       
        Bush, D.                                                          
  HR:   Doyle, L.,                                                        
        Bresnahan, R.                                                     
  IBB:  Bush, D.                                                          
  GDP:  Bresnahan, R.                                                     
  SB:   Hooper, H.,                                                       
        Stahl, J.                                                         
        Hooper, H.                                                        
  Team LOB:  7                                                            
  DP:   2                                                                 

Pittsburgh Pitching Data:

  PITTSBURGH                        IP     H     R    ER    BB    SO      
  Lush, J.                         1.0     3     2     2     1     0      
  Fisher, T.                       5.0     2     2     2     3     0      
  Phillipe, D.                     2.0     2     0     0     3     0      
  Benz, J.                         0.0     3     3     3     0     0      
  TOTALS                           8.0    10     7     7     7     0      
  Benz, J. pitched to                                                     
        3 batters in the 9th.                                             
  L:    Benz, J.                                                          
  IBB:  Phillipe, D.                                                      
  Pitches - strikes:                                                      
        Lush, J. 38-26,                                                   
        Fisher, T. 100-55,                                                
        Phillipe, D. 39-20,                                               
        Benz, J. 15-9                                                     

Detroit Pitching Data:

  DETROIT                           IP     H     R    ER    BB    SO      
  Mitchell, W.                     7.0     6     2     2     3     4      
  Kinsella, E.                     1.0     1     0     0     2     1      
  Melter, S.                       1.0     3     4     4     1     1      
  TOTALS                           9.0    10     6     6     6     6      
  W:    Melter, S.                                                        
  HLD:  Kinsella, E.                                                      
  IBB:  Melter, S.                                                        
  Pitches - strikes:                                                      
        Mitchell, W. 117-68,                                              
        Kinsella, E. 31-16,                                               
        Melter, S. 24-15                                                  

Game data:

Played at: Tiger Stadium in Detroit, MI
Time: 3:40  Temp: 51  Wind: 18 mph, out to right.

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  1. One of the things that strikes me in reading this is how much more popular a name "Cyrus/Cy" was in this era. You had Cy Young, and you had this guy, Cy Williams, at least. Also, in the 1910s, there was a major-league pitcher known as "Cy" Barger from Jamestown, Kentucky. He played for the Brooklyn Superbas/Dodgers. But "Cy" was only a nickname; his birth name was Eros Bolivar Barger.