Wednesday, October 25, 2017

Oh, Kentucky (1993)

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  1. So that first picture is probably more from the summer of 1991 or 1992. One of those summers, I was living in Bowling Green, and Greyhound was running a promotion on exploring the "Great 48." It was about some special you could buy from Greyhound and travel to several places within the contiguous 48 states at some flat rate. It just flooded me; I hadn't much seen the country, certainly not on my own, at that point, and I was just totally in love with the idea.

  2. Of course, I didn't have the money or time to go. But, one day, I was looking over a pretty detailed map of Warren County, and I decided to count all of the little communities. There were exactly 48. I decided I would set out to visit my own local Great 48, and I almost always took along a friend and took a picture or two (but no more than that because film and processing actually cost money back then). Anyway, that picture is from Boyce, Kentucky.

    1. As you can see from the map, it's about 15 miles south and east of Bowling Green.

  3. The next picture is of the water tank in Calhoun, in McLean County ...

  4. I imagine most sports fans, like me, love public infrastructure with state or municipal names stamped on it. It's not too different from seeing team names painted in end zones or uniform script. I can't imagine it was intentional, but I do believe the black-and-white treatment on the Calhoun water tower accentuates the integrity and essentiality of the service at play here. It's really beautiful that a person can move to a little place like Calhoun, Ky., and access (mostly) clean and healthy water. There's a lot of community and commonality being expressed through that water tower.