Thursday, October 12, 2017

Album Review: Poppy.Computer by Poppy

In 2014 Poppy began posting videos on youtube as a way to build a brand for herself in pursuit of a musical career. The videos were oddly abstract. Her first video was her eating cotton candy that was less than two minutes long. Soon she started incorporating music into the videos like in the one below.

At the time she was 20 years old. This eventually lead to an actual album getting released and now a tour. But by this point Poppy had millions of followers on youtube, so an audience ready for her album.

Now who knows what success the album will have or if she can build on it. I just find it interesting how she got to this point.

It got me to thinking about Uffie. Uffie hit the scene back around 2007 or so and put out an album in 2010 after much delay. Uffie, similar to Poppy, built her audience through the internet. Uffie though had an edge to her that Poppy is missing, still it's hard for me not to compare the two. Similar in age, similar building on a brand through the internet. Poppy I would say is the bubblegum pop version of Uffie. Still nothing says Los Angeles 2010 more than the video for "Pop the Glock" from Uffie.
Adult Language

Here is the thing though that was it for Uffie. She went on to have kids and quit being Uffie.

Let's get back to Poppy. Can Poppy be more than just what she is now. A persona that was created and built an audience on youtube, then turned into an actual act with an actual album. I'm not sure it's possible. Maybe we'll see.

Here is the biggest problem with Poppy.Computer, there is nothing memorable on this album. In seven years time I don't think I'll be listening to something else and think "My Microphone" by Poppy the way I thought today "MCs Can Kiss" by Uffie. Following the Rhapsody rating method I give the album 1 out of 5 stars for Just OK.


  1. Album Review: Poppy.Computer by Poppy, so many good reviews about this album and I am looking forward to listening to this song real soon.

  2. This seems like as good of a place as any to tell you (and "wite my papers") that I went into the Kentucky Oaks Mall in Paducah on Sunday, and there is an F.Y.E. store not too far and maybe in the same slot as the old Camelot Music store. On their wall, they have a display of the top-15-or-so-selling albums, and I am not making this up: Disintegration by the Cure was No. 4.