Wednesday, September 20, 2017

Oh, Kentucky

Eleanor Klibanoff with the (fantastic and crucial) Kentucky Center for Investigative Reporting lays out the Appalachia strategy of a 26-year-old white-supremacist terrorist from the D.C. suburbs.

Nick Schrager with The Springfield Sun digs into the competitive landscape for hiring and keeping police officers among nearby jurisdictions.

Heath is putting up a new memorial honoring victims of the 1997 shooting at the old high school. 

Kentucky next month starts taxing home rentals, angling for its cut of, for example, that sweet Stanton Airbnb game.

Whitley County and Williamsburg are moving their 10-foot poles away from the Kentucky Retirement System.

The feds reportedly are fogging Auburn for mosquitoes tonight.

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  1. I find businesses like AirBNB and Uber to be very odd. I've never understood for instance how Uber can operate in a city that forces cabs to register. How is Uber not a cab service? Wish I understood this stuff better.