Tuesday, September 12, 2017

Oh, Kentucky

The Louisville Urban League in The Courier-Journal: Your silence or ambivalence on this issue does not make you fair, impartial, or well-reasoned. Your willingness to “discuss” the merits of removal with both sides or take into consideration the perspectives of those most affected—as if our lived experiences are up for debate—makes you neither compassionate nor emotionally intelligent. Rather, they call attention to your disregard for the emotional and literal harm they inflict on generations.

Meanwhile, in Lawrenceburg, Nicholasville, Glasgow, Murray, Princeton, Madisonville, Madisonville, Danville, Paducah, Frankfort, Perryville, Morgantown, Fairview, Georgetown, Versailles, Cynthiana, Mount Sterling and Eminence ... Karla Ward looks beyond Lexington in the Herald-Leader.

Daniel Boone: The First Kentuckian: tonight at Caldwell County's public library.

Rebekah Alvey in WKU's College Heights Herald reports the ROTC travails of a transgender male student from Morgantown.


  1. I thought so, too--though I do think there is some danger to being tempted into merely being heard. One of the things that both President Obama and President Trump did so well as candidates is tipping the righteous indignation of their truest believers from the cozy feels of merely being heard into actual (awkward, complicated, uncomfortable, embarrassing, inconvenient) action of asking onesy-twosy friends and family to vote in a specific way and/or getting them registered and to the polls.