Friday, August 18, 2017

Oh, Kentucky

"Eclipseville, U.S.A.," as of today.


Five pair of goats, 28 bags of school supplies and 32 backpacks.

Howard's Overhead Doors has moved to downtown Winchester after 30 years, and the owners even moved overhead themselves.

Nighttime donuts are returning to Latonia.

Bad jobs news from Louisville.

Welders wanted.

And a bookkeeper, at the Lexington office of Kentucky Refugee Ministries.


  1. #Breaking from near Cardinal Lanes ... A fascinating discussion at the "You know you're from Paducah KY when..." Facebook page has appeared today. It turns out that Channel 6--in the early 1960s, it appears--broadcast local bowling matches! This must've been fantastic. One commentator said that this was shown late at night, and another appears to be suggesting that Channel 6 built its own two-lane alley to stage the events.

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