Thursday, June 8, 2017

Oh, Kentucky

Here are the proper nouns in Sen. McConnell's love letter to his state on its 225th birthday: Commonwealth of Kentucky, Union, Virginia, Kentucky County, Native American Wyandot, Kentuckian, Daniel Boone, Cumberland Gap, Ephraim McDowell, Tori Murden McClure, Atlantic Ocean, American, Colonel Harland Sanders, Diane Sawyer, Glasgow, Louisville, Muhammad Ali, Henry Clay, Abraham Lincoln, Alben Barkley, Georgia Powers, African American, Kentucky Senate, Jesse Stuart, Pulitzer Prize, Robert Penn Warren, National Quilt Museum, Paducah, Grammy Award, Loretta Lynn, Chris Stapleton, Jennifer Lawrence, George Clooney, Johnny Depp, University of Louisville, University of Kentucky, Kentucky Derby, United States Senate and Bluegrass State. It would be fascinating to see to see the Microsoft Word document with tracked changes turned on.

5 Stars, Highly Recommended ...

NKU ranks No. 31 for LGBTQ inclusion.

Nice feature by Don Sergeant in the Glasgow Daily Times on an 89-year-old instructor in the free golf-instruction program for kids at the local country club. And his picture of the guy is great, too!

Good jobs news in Madisonville.


  1. Paducah got a lotta love from McConnell.

  2. I thought his letter was excellent. I think it is so good that Sen. McConnell should resign his current position and come home to launch a series of summer Kentucky-history camps around the state for rising fourth-graders. He could use his fantastic letter as the basis for the curriculum.