Tuesday, June 13, 2017

Oh, Kentucky

I'm with Ray Wilson ...

Arena seating, multiple fighting pits, 5,000 members, restaurant and 30 years of cockfighting--in Floyd County.

The old one moved outside the city limits, so Lewisburg has a new mayor, and the first thing on his agenda is sewer problems.

Gov. Bevin is coming out to western Kentucky on Wednesday to ceremonially increase roadway-weight limits on trucking and lift the state's moratorium on construction of nuclear-power plants, so let's all leave him alone today so he can study up on Tour 16 in the WPA guide in advance of his great drive out U.S. 60 ...

The Winchester-Clark County Farmers’ Market is giving out vouchers to senior citizens, and the Benton Partnership is putting on the community's first farm-to-fork dinner.

Prestonsburg's Islamic Center of Eastern Kentucky broke Saturday's Ramadan fasting with an all-invited potluck meal.

Hiring, for nine positions across the Kentucky Press Association.

Carter Caves State Resort Park's restaurant, Tierney's Cavern, is expanding its buffet and salad-bar availability, and everyone's thrilled.

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