Tuesday, May 2, 2017

Oh, Kentucky

Coca-Cola consolidation is coming to Middlesboro.

The CEO of a company that makes a wearable video system has moved operations back to his native Kentucky.

Hiring in Paducah: planning director, pool manager, sports officials, etc.

At Barren County Family Court, per The Courier-Journal: "I stand behind the law I have cited, the matter of conscience I addressed and the decision I have made."

More than $26,000 in federal money is available to expand food and shelter programs in Bell County, reports the Middlesboro Daily News; such funds previously have gone to Cooperative Christian Ministries and the Salvation Army in Middlesboro, Henderson Settlement in Frakes and Lighthouse Ministries Safehaven Shelter in Pineville.

What's next for the Boy Scouts' Wildcat Hollow camp in Logan County?

Hoptown is opening a new visitors center in anticipation of the eclipse.

Top 10 Kentucky high schools, according to U.S. News & World Report:

1. Louisville duPont Manual

2. Goshen North Oldham
3. Fort Thomas Highlands
4. Crestwood South Oldham
5. Fort Mitchell Beechwood
6. Glasgow
7. Louisville Brown
8. Lexington Henry Clay
9. Lexington Lafayette
10. Murray

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