Wednesday, May 17, 2017

Oh, Kentucky

Valarie Honeycutt Spears in the Lexington Herald-Leader surveys the policy landscape for public-school "lunch shaming" in central Kentucky.

Congratulations to Gov. Bevin's old Shelbyville friend for landing a $250,000-a-year, state-government gig to lead workforce development in the state. His old company, Shelby Industries, closed in October, citing foreign competition.

Toyota is kicking in a bunch of money to help pay for K-12 and community-college programs intended to prepare students for advanced-manufacturing jobs.

"(T)here are only five communities in the state of Kentucky that have all-inclusive playgrounds, according to The closest of those is nearly an hour from the City of Madisonville, and even further for the surrounding areas we serve. As the hub of our six-county service area, we feel an obligation to meet the needs of all the children we serve. We envision an area where all children have equal opportunity to play, dream, learn to overcome challenges, exercise, and develop a love of the outdoors."

Kentucky Dam Village State Resort Park is hiring for a golf-course superintendent, and it pays between $29,000 and $39,000 a year for 37.5 hours of work a week.

Camp Kum-Ba-Ya Needs List 2017

This year KBY will host the Solar Eclipse August 19-21. This list contains things that we will use for both our summer events and the solar eclipse. Anything left from our summer use will then be used during the solar eclipse. If you want, we can make the purchases for you. Just note on memo line what item you want us to get. The items that have prices are from Sams'
Candy Bars:
Milky Way (36 - $20.68)
3 Musketeer (24 - $26.37)
M/M Plain (24 - $26.37)
Snickers (48 - $27.58)
Butterfinger (36 - $20.68)
Kit Kat (not snack size)
Reece Cups (not snack size)
Crackers, etc.:
Granola Bars (non chocolate)
Peanut Butter (40 - $6.88)
Sweet & Salty (30 - $7.98)
Bottled Water (5 cases)
Dr. Pepper (5-12 packs)
Sprite (5-12 packs)
Coke (5-12 packs) 
Diet Coke (5-12 packs)

Hoptown girds for Little Free Libraries rollout.

Rest in peace, Mr. Schroeder, founder of Schroeder Publishing, publisher of best-selling One Thousand Fruit Jars with Current Value, founder of the American Quilters Society and The National Quilt Museum, dreamer of the flood-wall murals and husband of Meredith Carnahan Schroeder for 63 years. "His greatest love was for his family, hunting, fishing and Paducah."

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  1. These high paying jobs in the state government are a bit disturbing. I always love the argument that we have to pay these people a lot of money otherwise they'll just go get a job in the private sector making lot more. But when you make the same argument about a government HVAC support person, or IT person, or whatever position, they don't see it that way. In fact for those people they want to take away their pensions, cut the number of staff around them to increase their work load, and then ultimately cut their pay.