Friday, March 31, 2017

Oh, Kentucky

No. 1! (And Nos. 7 and 73.)

There are two Kentucky companies among Brand Finance's new annual list of the top 500 brands, and Humana is the higher ranked between those.

Kentucky for sale:

MCC is getting back into the HVAC biz.

Good jobs news from Franklin, Henderson, LouisvilleSebree and maybe eastern Kentucky.

Least joblessness: Woodford. Most: Magoffin. Healthiest: Oldham. Least healthy: Breathitt.

Big Rivers Electric Corp. is ramping up solar in western Kentucky.

"You just wait ... a completely different landscape" to downtown Paducah is on its way.

Sam Neace in The Hazard Herald on the closing of A.B. Combs Elementary School: "Years ago, the A.B. Combs gymnasium served as a popular venue for entertainment events. 'The Macho Man' Randy Savage wrestled there several times in the early 1980s. According to the accounts of folks who attended those bouts, The Macho Man interacted with the audience in Combs… because he had no other choice. During that era in pro wrestling, fans were known to give passionate displays of disapproval for the bad guy in each match. Folks say, when The Macho Man left Combs, he knew exactly what all the little, old ladies there thought of him. Savage must have enjoyed the experience because he returned to A.B. Combs for many appearances."

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