Tuesday, February 7, 2017

Oh, Kentucky

The editors of the 1986 Pirata would like to apologize for failing to thank the McCracken County Board of Education at the time.

Heath Middle School advances to the U.S. Department of Energy Science Bowl in Washington! (But maybe book refundable tickets.)

"What Trump will do for the little guy is on everyone's minds in Beattyville."

“Countless, unnamed African Americans who contributed beyond measure to the rich history of Kentucky."

Bringing Americana to Bowling Green.

Staying local in Madisonville.

On tap in Frankfort.

The Fred's in Cave City is closing.

Look at the helpers in Bardstown.

What's up for seasonal hiring at Mammoth Cave?

Dinner converation at the Tiffany Reisz/Andrew Shaffer home in Lexington must get pretty lively. Their joint book signing in Morehead on Saturday night will probably be interesting, too.

It sounds like Kentucky might have a bigger child-abuse problem than we ever imagined.

Here's the 2016 411 on the Morgantown Mission.


  1. The idea of thanking the county board of education is simply something we would have never thought of.

  2. Three of these board members were in the Heath district, so I wonder if the ingrate kids at Lone Oak and Reidland in 1937 were thoughtful enough to thank them.