Friday, January 20, 2017

Oh, Kentucky

The good news is that Kentucky's unemployment rate has ticked down almost another point during Gov. Bevin's first year in office. The bad news is that, with the reduction from 51 to 20 of the offices handling unemployment claims around the state, it means, for example, having to find a way to get to Elizabethtown if you turn up out of a job in Bardstown.

There's a new wealth-management firm in Hazard's Black Gold Shopping Center.

What's the deal with the backlog in testing DNA sample kits from sexual-assault cases?

Burgin's mayor has fired Burgin's only police officer.

Rest in peace, passed volunteers and employees of Baptist Health Corbin hospital.

For the third straight season, Boston's Barktown is sending a team to the Puppy Bowl.

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