Wednesday, December 7, 2016

What (Commercials) Are On TV Tonight (1970)?


  1. I'll probably skip The Young Lawyers at 7, but the NFL Monday Night Football game is going to be a key one. In Week 12 action yesterday, Green Bay came from behind to beat Pittsburgh yesterday, 20-12, and Cincinnati beat San Diego, 17-14. With Houston hosting Cincinnati tonight, the AFC Central standings are ...

    Cincinnati 6-6
    Cleveland 5-6
    Pittsburgh 5-7
    Houston 3-7-1

    With two games to play, none of these teams is in contention for the "wild-card" playoff spot from the "American Football Conference," so my main man from Millersburg, Blanton Collier, and the Browns better keep pace with Paul Brown's Bengals.

  2. Meanwhile, my northwestern Evansville homeboy, ex-Rex Mundi High Monarchs basketball captain Bob Griese, and the 8-4 Dolphins are in solid position to claim the wild card. Miami clobbered Joe Kapp and the (cheating) Patriots yesterday 1970, 37-20. Baltimore beat Philadelphia, 29-10, so today's AFC East standings are ...

    Baltimore 9-2-1
    Miami 8-4
    New York 4-6-2
    Buffalo 3-8-1
    Boston 2-10

  3. In the AFC West yesterday, the Raiders edged their old friends, the Jets in New York, 14-13, while Kansas City blanked visiting Denver, 16-0 ...

    Oakland 7-3-2
    Kansas City 7-3-2
    San Diego 4-6-2
    Denver 5-7

    1. Ken Rappoport for the AP:

      So now Daryle Lamonica is playing the role of Miracle Worker for Oakland’s Minutemen, pulling a football game out of the air.

      But you’d probably know that the old master—George Blanda had a hand in it.

      Blanda came off the bench in typical fashion to revive listless Oakland with a touchdown pass, then Lamonica threw a scoring strike at the last second to give the Raiders an unbelievable 14-13 National Football League victory over the New York Jets Sunday.

      “God’s on our side,” said Blanda, pro footbal’s most famous backup quarterback with a string of single-handed saves this year.

      You’d have to believe his pronouncement after Warren Wells latched onto Lamonica’s 33-yarder in traffic and carried it in for the winning score.

      "I kept sight of the ball all the time," said a joyful Wells. "When I saw that it was going to fall short, I slowed up because I didn't want to let the defensive men get it. When I saw that it was tipped, I still kept my eyes on it, although I was losing my balance.”

      The victory kept Oakland tied with Kansas City, a 16-0 conquerer of Denver, in the American Conference's tight Western Division tangle. Both have 7-3-2 records and will meet next Saturday in a showdown battle. …

      Blanda, who provided four victories and one tie in previous relief appearances, came into Sunday's game with the Jets holding a 10-0 third quarter lead and Lamonica temporarily sidelined with bruised ribs. The 43-year-old magician hit Fred Biletnlkoff with a seven-yard pass, then was roughed by Jet tackle John Elliott on a penalty that moved the ball to the 13. Blanda then put the ball in Wells' hands for a 13-yard TD strike.

      The Raiders, trailing 13-7, regained the ball on their 30-yard line with 38 seconds left. Lamonica then passed incomplete to Wells. But--hold on--Jet defender Earlie Thomas was called for interference, setting the ball on the 33 and setting the stage for Lamonica's desperation heave to Wells.

      PS: Blanda kicked the winning extra point.

  4. NFCwise, as previously reported, the Cardinals' grip on the NFC East loosened, as St. Louis gave it away in frigid Detroit, 16-3. The Cowboys (34-0 over Washington) and the Giants (20-6 over Buffalo) both won, so the NFC East this 1970 morning goes ...

    St. Louis 8-3-1
    Dallas 7-4
    New York 7-4
    Washington 4-7
    Philadelphia 2-9-1

  5. The Vikings had beaten the Bears, 16-13, on Saturday. Here's the NFC Central:

    Minnesota 10-3
    Detroit 8-4
    Green Bay 6-6
    Chicago 4-8

  6. Meanwhile, the NFC West kept it "all in the family," with the have-not Falcons and Saints visiting the have 49ers and Rams, respectively. The home haves won, 24-20 and 34-16. So here are those standings ...

    Los Angeles 8-3-1
    San Francisco 8-3-1
    Atlanta 3-72
    New Orleans 2-9-1

  7. I love this new world of professional football with its expanded playoffs, interleague play and games on even Monday nights. With two weeks to go, none of the division championships is determined, and the wild-card races are very, very tight. What a season NFL70 is turning out to be!

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    1. He's announcing the 1970 Associated Press All-Ameircans. The quarterback is Joe Theismann of Notre Dame. Heisman-winner Jim Plunkett of Stanford is second-team AP.

      What happened to Archie Manning of Ole Miss?

  9. Calgary is up, 7-6, in the second quarter ...

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    1. Comments a very big fan: "Can You Feel The Love Tonight was not on the final show(1/28/95). It had actually fallen off the week of 11/12/94 and Elton had not been on the chart since the week of 11/26/94 when Circle Of Life fell off."

    2. Responds AT40: "correct which is why we said final US show."

      Boom. Don't break it in weak against AT40, son.

  11. I adore "I Didn't Promise You a Rose Garden," and I did not know that Aretha Franklin charted "Border Song" before/instead of Elton John.

  12. At No. 30, the Supremes and Four Tops come in with the highest-charting version of the crazy, great and famous "River Deep, Mountain High."

  13. Good for 58-year-old Perry Como, who comes in at No. 29 with "It's Impossible" (and has hustled out a whole album to support the surprise hit).

    And good for my mom, who was 42 years old in late 1970. She'd been listening to her three teen-agers' garbage radio choices all through the '60s, and now, suddenly with a 2-year-old, she faced another whole decade of enduring awful music. Good for her that Perry Como had come back on the scene with some hope.

  14. The other day I was out driving around, and I heard the first few notes of a song, and I was pretty sure it was Ray Price's "For the Good Times," one of my favorites. Well, it was Ray Price, but it wasn't "For the Good Times." It turned out to be a quite good song called, "I Won't Mention It Again." It turns out that Ray Price's next hit after "For the Good Times," which went to No. 1 on the U.S. country chart (and No. 11 on the U.S. pop chart), was "I Won't Mention It Again," which went to No. 1 on the U.S. country chart (and No. 42 on the U.S. pop chart). I don't blame Ray Price for recording another song that sounded just like his previous song; in fact, I'm thankful--"I Won't Mention It Again" is a good song to hear in its own right, and it has the added bonus of reminding us of the great "For the Good Times."

    Ray Price's "For the Good Times" is No. 19.

    1. My parents loved to eat in dark Holiday Inn dining rooms, and instrumentals that sounded exactly like "For the Good Times" (without the stellar Ray Price voice track) were playing in all of them all of the time.

  15. Man, there were some good songwriters going in 1970. Kris Kristofferson (who did "For the Good Times") is one of them, and another is Laura Nyro. Here's Barbra Streisand doing her "Stoney End."

  16. Supremes sans Diana Ross have two hits in this 1970 week's AT40. "Stoned Love" is No. 7.

  17. When people ape on William Shatner's Captain Kirk, I think they're really doing his guest character in the Dec. 19, 1970, "Glory Shouter" episode of Name of the Game.