Friday, November 4, 2016

Oh, Kentucky

Rest in peace, Mahin Ashki, who left Iran to attend the University of Louisville in 1976; married a friend to stay in the United States; divorced, remarried a naturalized U.S. citizen from Iran and had two girls; at some point moved to Lexington and then moved to California for better chances of avoiding deportation because she said she feared torture back in her native country, and was struck by a semi truck and killed Tuesday. She was 58.

Bardstown has a giant mess on its hands.

Oldham has joined Woodford as the Kentucky counties with the lowest unemployment rate; Magoffin still has lowest all to itself, but (!) ...


And Georgetown.

Kentucky is in bad need of commercial vehicle enforcement officers.

It looks like Mike Fields is having a blast in his work at the KHSAA, and I hope he is. Here's a fun feature on the former football coach at Washington County High (and one of Fields's classmates at Bardstown Saint Joseph). As Go Heath previously reported, the #khsfb playoffs are underway.

I love coffee cake! Kentucky for sale:

Pancake breakfast all-day Election Day at Midway Christian Church (Disciples of Christ) ("Donations Accepted!!")

Christmas parades: Owensboro, Nov. 19; Bardstown, Dec. 1 (or maybe Dec. 2); Richmond, Dec. 2; Berea, Glasgow and Madisonville, Dec. 3; Boyce and Owenton, Dec. 4, and Cave City, Elkton, Hopkinsville and Pikeville, Dec. 10.


  1. I guess the new baseball stadium location will make it easier for non-students to get to the game, but certainly make it harder for students.

  2. i thought you'd enjoy seeing the map.

  3. Makes me realize how much I'd like to go walk around campus and see how much it's changed.