Wednesday, November 16, 2016

NFL Poll: Week 11

We apologize for missing the Week 10 poll; it was a pretty busy week.

Anyway, the Pats were stunned at home by Seattle, and Dallas continued to roll with a thrilling last-second victory at Pittsburgh.  It feels like the NFL is back.  Here's the latest top 10.  For the first time since we started tracking these polls, the Boys have made it to Number One.  And what a year for the AFC West and the NFC East:

1.  Dallas Cowboys:  8-1
2.  Seattle Seahawks:  6-2-1
3.  New England Patriots:  7-2
4.  Kansas City Chiefs:  7-2
5.  Oakland Raiders:  7-2
6.  Denver Broncos:  7-3
7.  New York Giants:  6-3
8.  Atlanta Falcons:  6-4
9.  Washington Redskins:  5-3-1
10.  Philadelphia Eagles:  5-4

The Redskins' win over Minnesota caused them to move from 10th to 9th in the rankings.  The Dolphins (5-4) got their fourth in a row with a victory over San Diego.  They have moved from 19th to 14th.

Believe it or not, we still have teams on bye, including the Broncos and Falcons this week.  The Game of the Week is in Seattle, where the number-2 Seahawks will take on the number-10 Eagles in a game starting at 3:25 P.M. Central Time on Sunday.  Even though seven of the top 10 teams are from only two divisions, that is the only game this week featuring top-10 teams.  So maybe the NFL won't be back until Thanksgiving.

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