Sunday, September 11, 2016

The Freakin' Weekend (1970)

OK, look, the new NFL season is drawing very near ...

And college football is ready to roll ...

And baseball is approaching its playoffs ...

And Wes Parker is on tonight 1970's Brady Bunch ...

And Dan Issel is in town ...

But the big deal this freakin' weekend for Hoptown 1970 me is that the new TV Guide has the 411 on the very, very promising slate of new shows for the fall season:

-- The Don Knotts Show, NBC Sept. 15 debut;
-- Four-In-One, NBC, Sept. 16 debut;
-- Storefront Lawyers, CBS, Sept. 16 debut;
-- The Flip Wilson Show, NBC, Sept. 17 debut;
-- Nancy, NBC, Sept. 17 debut;
-- Headmaster, CBS, Sept. 18 debut;
-- Arnie, CBS, Sept. 19 debut;
-- The Mary Tyler Moore Show, CBS, Sept. 19 debut;
-- The Young Rebels, ABC, Sept. 20 debut;
-- The Tim Conway Show, CBS, Sept. 20 debut;
-- NFL Monday Night Football, ABC, Sept. 21 debut;
-- The Young Lawyers, ABC, Sept. 21 debut;
-- The Silent Force, ABC, Sept. 21 debut;
-- Dan August, ABC, Sept. 23 debut;
-- Make Room for Granddaddy, ABC, Sept. 23 debut;
-- The Odd Couple, ABC, Sept. 24 debut;
-- Matt Lincoln, ABC, Sept. 24 debut;
-- Barefoot in the Park, ABC, Sept. 24 debut;
-- The Immortal, CBS, Sept. 24 debut;
-- The Partridge Family, ABC, Sept. 25 debut, and
-- The Most Deadly Game, ABC, Oct. 10 debut.

ABC looks especially strong!


  1. You might think I stay stuck in the past, my head buried in the sand of 1970 on YouTube. But I'll have you know that, at this very moment, I'm working to something that's on real TV in the right here right now. The 1972 Imogene Coca episode has kicked off today's Hallmark Channel Brady Bunch triple play.

  2. Getting together
    All that you could ask
    The kick of adventure
    A quiet moment
    to share a song
    That's part, part of the fun
    of li-i-ife!

    We've got a lot to share
    Let's get together
    Let's get together
    We've got a lot to share

    1. These are the lyrics for the ABC fall 1970 preview reel.

    2. I've been driving my wife and daughter nuts singing and dancing to this song around the house all week. "Let's get to-geeeeeeeee-ther/let's get to-geeeeeeee-ther ..."

  3. OK, the new Monday nights on ABC ... The Young Lawyers, The Silent Force and NFL Monday Night Football ... not much here except the big ... "the greatest teams in the newly combined in the AFL/NFL National Football League will be playing regularly scheduled games under the lights every Monday night" ... man, that is exciting!