Tuesday, July 5, 2016

Oh, Kentucky

"As was the case in 1983, the whole state of Kentucky shold be watching Carlisle County and its neighbors."

"When we're at our best, the Colonel is at the center of everything."

Burger Queen!

One hundred comments in the first eight hours after West Kentucky Star posted this one one on Facebook: "‪#‎BREAKING‬: The fireworks display in Paducah came to an abrupt end just 15 minutes after they started, due to technical issues with the fireworks. An announcement on stage was made that the fireworks themselves were damaged during rain earlier today, and would not detonate. The music was faded down and the announcer explained what happened and wished everyone a good night."

The new Miss Kentucky advanced out of the Danville bracket.

A bunch of new state laws go into effect this month.

The Western Kentucky State Fair rolls on (I hope someone wears an old Jeannie C. Riley tour T-shirt).

The Williamstown Noah's Ark park opens Thursday.

"Morehead State's Man With the Golden Voice" tunes up for Season 28.

Kentucky for sale ... would Ricky Skaggs have been HP Kentuckian of the Year in 1982? 

Lexington's Morris Book Shop is for sale, too.

Toyota is funding 63 new early-learning academies around the state.

Kentucky Power's Louisa plant has converted to natural gas.

Bad jobs news for miners. Good jobs news from Ferguson and Henderson:

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