Saturday, June 18, 2016

U.S. Open -- Second Round Wrap-Up

If the weather had cooperated, the leaders would be just about ready to tee off in the third round.  But it did not, and so the second round has just completed.  They will not be able to finish the third round today, but they should get it mostly done -- especially as they are going to send the players off in threesomes.  Here is the top 10:

1.  D. Johnson:  -4 (67+69=136)

2.  A. Landry:  -3 (66+71=137)

T3.  S. Piercy:  -2 (68+70=138)
T3.  S. Garcia (ESP):  -2 (68+70=138)
T3.  G. Bourdy (FRA):  -2 (71+67=138)
T3.  S. Lowry (IRE):  -2 (68+70=138)

T7.  D. Summerhays:  -1 (74+65=139)
T7.  A. Sullivan (ENG):  -1 (71+68=139)
T7.  J. Furyk:  -1 (71+68=139)
T7.  L. Westwood (ENG):  -1 (67+72=139)


  1. Dustin Johnson, Andrew Landry, and Scott Piercy -- the last threesome of the third round -- will tee off at 4:01 Central Time.

    Spieth will tee off with Jason Dufner and Spencer Levin at 2:22 Central.

  2. Spieth has started on the back nine. He birdies the 11th hole to move to 3 over par. Day, who has also started on the back nine, birdies the 10th and is now 4 over.

  3. Spieth birdies the par-5 12th hole, and he is now 2 over par, in a tie for 20th place.

    He then goes to the par-3 13th hole, and whacks his drive to within five feet of the hole.

  4. Spieth makes the birdie putt on 13, and he is now 1 over par -- give shots off the lead. He is tied for 17th place.

    This tournament could get pretty dramatic soon. The leaders will be playing the front nine, which has been playing harder than the back nine. Just ask Rory McIlroy.

  5. On the other hand, Spieth's drive on 14 went into a bunker, so he is probably looking at a bogey there.

  6. Leaderboard:

    1. D. Johnson: -4 (36 holes)
    2. A. Landry: -3 (36)
    T3. S. Piercy: -2 (36)
    T3. S. Garcia (ESP): -2 (36)
    T3. G. Bourdy (FRA): -2 (36)
    T3. S. Lowry (IRE): -2 (36)

  7. Day birdies the 13th hole, and he is now 2 over.

  8. Day has started with birdies at 10, 12, 13, and 14. He is 4-under for the day, and only 1 over for the tournament.

  9. Spieth, on the other hand, made bogey at 14, so he is 2 over for the tournament.

  10. Everyone is out now. Here's the leaderboard:

    1. D. Johnson: -5 (38 holes)
    2. A. Landry: -3 (38)
    T3. L. Westwood (ENG): -1 (40)
    T3. S. Lowry (IRE): -1 (39)
    T3. G. Bourdy (FRA): -1 (39)
    T3. S. Garcia (ESP): -1 (39)

  11. Speith plays the back nine in 2 under par, and he is 2 over through 45. Day is 4 under for the day, and 1 over through 44.

  12. On the third hole, Dustin Johnson comes up well short of the green with his second shot. His chip runs up toward the green, and then rolls back down to Johnson's feet. His next chip -- for par -- runs six or seven feet past the hole. His bogey putt misses. He taps in for a double bogey, and falls into a tie for the lead with Landry and Westwood at 3 under.

  13. The reason Westwood is 3 under is because he holed out his fairway shot on the fifth hole for an eagle 2. So his eagle and Johnson's double bogey allowed Westwood to make up four shots very quickly.

  14. Day plays the back nine in 31, and he remains at 1 over -- now only 4 shots off the lead.

  15. Leaderboard:

    T1. L. Westwood (ENG): -3 (41 holes)
    T1. D. Johnson: -3 (39)
    T1. A. Landry: -3 (39)
    T4. D. Summerhays: -1 (40)
    T4. S. Lowry (IRE): -1 (39)
    T4. G. Bourdy (FRA): -1 (39)
    T4. S. Garcia (ESP): -1 (39)

  16. Lowry birdies the 4th hole to move to 2 under par -- one shot off the lead.

  17. Now that Speith and Day are on the front nine, their fortunes have turned. Day will be lucky save par on the first hole, while Spieth will have to work hard to avoid a double bogey on the second.

  18. Day did save his par with a 13-foot putt on 1, and he remains 1 over.

  19. Spieth does make a double bogey on 2, and he falls back to 4 over -- exactly where he started his third round. He is mired in a tie for 26th.

  20. Dustin Johnson birdies the par-5 fourth hole, and moves back into the lead at 4 under.

  21. Leaderboard:

    1. D. Johnson: -4 (41 holes)
    T2. S. Lowry (IRE): -3 (42)
    T2. S. Garcia (ESP): -3 (42)
    T2. A. Landry: -3 (41)
    T5. L. Westwood (ENG): -2 (43)
    T5. A. Sullivan (ENG): -2 (42)
    T5. G. Bourdy (FRA): -2 (42)

  22. Dustin Johnson bogeys the 6th hole, and falls back into a tie for the lead at 3 under.

    Spieth is at 5 over through 48 holes, and he will not win the 2016 U.S. Open.

  23. Lowry -- who fits the profile of the typical U.S. Open winner very well -- birdies 7 to take the lead at 4 under par.

  24. Westwood birdies 9. He's out in 33, and he's tied for second at 3 under par.

  25. Some people didn't believe in Andrew Landry, but he just birdied the 7th hole to take the lead at 4 under. Lowry just bogeyed the 8th, so Landry has the lead all to himself.

  26. Leaderboard:

    1. A. Landry: -4 (43 holes)
    T2. L. Westwood (ENG): -3 (45)
    T2. S. Garcia (ESP): -3 (44)
    T2. S. Lowry (IRE): -3 (44)
    T2. D. Johnson: -3 (43)

  27. Westwood bogeys the 10th hole, and falls back to 2 under.

    Landry pars the 8th. He has 7 pars and 1 birdie today, and he's still 4 under par.

    Dustin Johnson misses a 10-footer for birdie, and stays at 3 under.

  28. Day eagles the 4th hole, and he is now at even par for the tournament.

  29. Sergio bogeys the 9th, and falls back to 2 under par.

  30. Lowry birdies the 9th, and moves back into a tie for the lead at 4 under.

  31. Landry bogeys the 9th, and falls out of the lead. He and Johnson are tied at 3 under, one shot behind Lowry.

  32. Leaderboard:

    1. S. Lowry (IRE): -4 (46 holes)
    T2. D. Johnson: -3 (45)
    T2. A. Landry: -3 (45)
    T4. L. Westwood (ENG): -2 (47)
    T4. S. Garcia (ESP): -2 (46)

  33. Here's my final leaderboard of the day:

    1. S. Lowry (IRE): -4 (47 holes)
    2. A. Landry: -3 (46)
    T3. D. Johnson: -2 (47)
    T3. S. Garcia (ESP): -2 (47)
    5. L. Westwood (ENG): -1 (48)