Thursday, June 30, 2016

Oh, Kentucky

Kenlake, Kentucky Dam Village, Lake Barkley and Pennyrile state resort parks are all beneficiaries of "Refreshing" expenditures that Gov. Bevin announced a few weeks ago.

Meanwhile, John Clay reports in the Lexington Herald-Leader that one of Gov. Bevin's appointees to his refreshed University of Louisville board of trustees had a Twitter history of Rick Pitino hate--but has subsequently deleted the account.

And, in other news, the Lexington Herald-Leader is going to be printed in Louisville.


Morehead re-upped with Sean Woods.

This week's bear at the Manchester Walmart does not appear to be last week's bear at the Kentucky School for the Deaf in Danville.

Rest in peace, Scooter Davis of "Beaver 96.7," an FM radio station in Bowling Green. Per a very moving tribute by Glasgow's WCLU 1490 AM, Mr. Davis "died last week after an exhaustive battle with esophageal cancer. Radio is a very personal medium, and Scooter was a very personal friend to have on and off the air. Which is why so many of his audience truly loved him. Many classmates at Metcalfe County High School have followed his career, as have countless couples whom Scooter did their wedding reception, high school reunion dance, played a song that resulted in a couple hooking up or breaking up. Or just made the day start off in a normal way."


  1. So what's the deal with Bevin and the word refresh?

  2. The state-parks refurb is being marketed as "Refreshing the Finest." He's also been doing a lot of changing out of various state boards.

  3. Is changing out the state boards fairly common practice or is this considered unusual?

  4. It's getting a lot of attention, but I'm unsure how unusual it is.