Tuesday, June 7, 2016

NBA Update

For a whole year, NBA fans have waited for the rematch between Cleveland and Golden State.  Given how good Cleveland looked in the first three rounds of the playoffs, and how Golden State struggled against Oklahoma City, there were strong reasons to believe that this would be an epic series.  But so far, it has been a big bust.  In Game One, Golden State blew the game open late and rolled to a 104-89 victory.  So I thought, "Well, now Cleveland will really have to show up for Game Two."  The Cavaliers were there, all right, but they looked like the Washington Generals.  Golden State simply humiliated them -- finding guys on back door plays and wide open three pointers all night.  The final score was Golden State 110, Cleveland 77 -- and it wasn't that close.  LeBron actually gave up, and spent most if not all of the fourth quarter on the bench.

Game Three is in Cleveland tonight.  It will be interesting to see if the Warriors go for the kill tonight, or if they ease off a bit.  If they play like they did in Game Two, the Cavs will be in big trouble.

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