Thursday, June 23, 2016

Euro 2016

OK, they finally finished all the group stages at Euro 2016, the every-four-year European soccer championship.  Here were the group winners.  Where there was an upset, I have put the expected group winners in parentheses:

Group A:  France
Group B:  Wales (England)
Group C:  Germany
Group D:  Croatia (Spain)
Group E:  Italy
Group F:  Hungary (Portugal)

Now the way the draw was supposed to work, you wouldn't have had Great Powers like Italy and Spain meeting until the quarter-finals.  But given the results in the group stages, the draw for the knockout round, is now cockeyed, with the traditional powers being crowded together in the lower half.  That Italy/Spain matchup in the Sweet 16 is a really big deal.  Meanwhile, it's amazing to see so many small countries still kicking around in the draw:

June 25:  Switzerland v. Poland
June 25:  Croatia v. Portugal
June 25:  Wales v. N. Ireland
June 26:  Hungary v. Belgium
June 26:  Germany v. Slovakia
June 27:  Italy v. Spain
June 26:  France v. Ireland
June 27:  England v. Iceland

Here are the latest odds to win the tournament:

France:  4 to 1
Germany, Spain:  5 to 1
Belgium:  6 to 1
Croatia:  9 to 1
England:  10 to 1

Wales is 25 to 1, but we will be rooting for them anyway.

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  1. did Iceland really beat England in soccer today?