Monday, June 13, 2016

College Baseball Update

When the Super Regionals began, five of the eight Supers were hosted by SEC teams.  Now only one of those teams is left.  After yet another day of disasters for the Auld Conference, we now know the identities of seven of the eight teams in the College World Series.  None of those teams is from the SEC.  Even more amazingly, five of the seven teams still dancing went on the road for the Super Regionals.

Here's what we've got so far (home teams listed first):

1.  Florida 1 - 1 Florida St.

This Super will be decided tonight (if it stops lightning).

8.  Louisiana St. 0 - 2 Coastal Carolina

Coastal upheld the honor of the Palmetto State, beating LSU 11-8 and 4-3.

4.  Texas A & M 1 - 2 Texas Christian

The Aggies lose a Super to the Horned Frogs for the second year in a row.  Texas Christian wins 8-2, 1-7, 4-1.

5.  Texas Tech 2 - 1 E. Carolina

Finally, a home winner.  But it wasn't easy.  Tech lost the first game 8-6, then won a 3-1 squeaker in 13 innings, before rolling to a 11-0 laugher in Game Three.

3.  Miami (Fla.) 2 - 1 Boston Coll.

In a weekend that was disastrous for the SEC and the ACC, the Canes were lucky to play another ACC school.  They won 12-7, 3-5, 9-4.

6.  Mississippi St. 0 - 2 Arizona

The Wildcats follow up their victory at Louisiana-Lafayette by beating MSU in two close games:  1-0 and then 6-5 in 11 innings.

2.  Louisville 0 - 2 UC-Santa Barbara

The Gauchos took the first game 4-2, and then won the second game 4-3 on a walk-off GRAND SLAM.  You don't see those very often.

S. Carolina 0 - 2 Oklahoma St.

After rolling over Clemson in the Regionals, OSU beats SC 5-1 and 3-1 to become the third Big XII team in the CWS.  And, of course, the Big XII still has the Unofficial College Football Championship.  On the other hand, Ted Cruz did lose to Donald Trump.


  1. Florida takes a 1-0 lead over FSU after one inning of play.

  2. Jeremy Foley, the Athletic Director of Florida, is retiring after 25 years in that position. In my opinion, he was the second-best AD in the whole country.

  3. Speaking of AD's, this was the third straight year that Louisville has hosted a Super Regional in baseball.

    I wonder if UK will ever play in a Super Regional.

  4. Florida hits a home run in the bottom of the third to take a 2-0 lead.

    Meanwhile, Natstown has beaten the red-hot Cubs 4-1. Nats now trail the Cubs by four games in the Senior Circuit.

  5. That is amazing about the walk-off grand slam, and I'm pleased for TCU and Coastal Carolina.

    Finally, this has almost certainly been written about at length, but what an interesting word "lightning" is. It can be used as noun, verb and adjective, which in itself is not unusual. But unlike, say, "fighting"--or even "running" with its extra n--it's not the present participle/gerund version of a root.