Friday, June 10, 2016

College Baseball Update

OK, it's time for the Super Regionals this week -- or the "Supers" as we cognescenti call them.  The SEC ended up doing quite well in the Regionals -- five of the seven teams from the conference won their region, and all five will host a Super this weekend.  Clemson was the only one of the eight national seeds that failed to win its region.  Here are your matchups (home teams listed first):

1.  Florida v. Florida St.
8.  Louisiana St. v. Coastal Carolina
4.  Texas A & M v. Texas Christian
5.  Texas Tech v. E. Carolina
3.  Miami (Fla.) v. Boston Coll.
6.  Mississippi St. v. Arizona
2.  Louisville v. UC Santa Barbara
S. Carolina v. Oklahoma St.

I would keep an eye on the series between TAMU and TCU, the one between Mississippi State and Arizona, and the one between South Carolina and Oklahoma State.  Those three series should all be really competitive.

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  1. I had to look up "cognoscenti." I mean, I had heard and read it before, and I had a pretty good guess, but I still looked it up to be sure.