Thursday, May 26, 2016

Oh, Kentucky

We follow in the footsteps of many named and unnamed women who have steadily and faithfully spread the good news of Jesus Christ, and they have significantly impacted our church, our community, and the American culture.

Our founding mission was to provide young women with access to education at a time when education was mainly available to men. We have fulfilled that mission for 169 years and this decision will ensure that we continue to do so.

*If he/she says no at proposal, another winner will be drawn.

The Berea chapter of Parents of Murdered Children is now meeting monthly at Glades Christian Church.

Bomb threats against Lexington's Wal-Marts are under investigation.

Louisville and Quebec are seeking to take their trading relationship to the next level.

The "Appalachian Homestead Act" sounds like a heck of a good idea to me. 

Per Mental Floss, Kentucky is the least-expensive U.S. state in which to live.

OK, this edition of the new "Kentucky for sale" feature has everything! Hoptown! Wall-to-wall carpeting, air conditioning, a pool, TV and a restaurant! Coffee and cake! Evansville! U.S. 41! Everything!

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